July 18, 2024


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XIAOMI Air Purifier Review

XIAOMI Air Purifier Review

Xiaomi has unveiled the second generation of air purifier-the update of the first generation. In this article, I’ll tell you something about the appearance, function and the specification of this product for you.


This kind of air purifier is smaller than the last one. The 520mm height make it looks like a “well-behaved” kid. The fan is set at the top, and the power switch and the Wi-Fi indicator are set on one side. In order to reduce the amount of the button, the power switch is the wind speed switch as well, and you can switch to automatic mode, sleep mode and favorite mode arbitrary. After reading the description, you can set the usage area and adjust the efficiency of purification and save the database through App. The back of the air purifier is a dust sensor which can monitor the concentration of particulate matter such as PM2.5 in the air. On the bottom of the air purifier is equipped with an air quality indicator. The red, orange and green colors can show indoor air quality in real-time.

Purification efficiency and operating noise

About the air purification efficiency and operating noise, the air purification efficiency of this product is more satisfactory than the first generation air purifier. We can clearly feel the improvement of indoor air quality after we use it for a period of time. What’s more, the operational noise is basically within the acceptable range.

Xiaomi smart home app

You can use the Xiaomi smart home app to connect with the Wi-Fi, and then you can adjust the most suitable working mode according to the living room area. It’s more exciting that it can learn your custom smartly. For example, it can be adjusted automatically to the sleep before you fall asleep. And when you go out, it’ll turn off the purifier automatically. And the function of Temperature, humidity induction has provided clean air and more visual health tips for the suitable home.


• Smartphone remote control and alerts

• Working modes: Automatic mode, sleeping mode, timing mode, etc.

• Suitable for cubicle, study, bedroom, bathroom and other place

• With the installation guide, easy and fast to install

• Provides comfortable living / learning / office environment for you and your family


• Filter replacement is very convenient, when it needs to change it will remind automatically.

• The suggestion of filter replacement cycle is three to six months

• 360-degree barrel filter for Xiaomi air purifier

• Integrated early effect, HEPA, three layers of activated carbon filter

• 3-layered filter removes 99.99 percent of PM2.5 particles


Brand: Xiaomi

Model: Air Purifier

Weight: 6kg

Size: 29.00 x 28.00 x 58.00 cm / 11.42 x 11.02 x 22.83 inches