May 22, 2024


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3 Educational Support Technology when New Normal

3 ways the coronavirus pandemic could reshape education | World ...

Community activities during the Covid-19 pandemic are now mostly carried out through digital platforms. In addition to breaking the chain of the spread of Covid-19, this shift in activity also helps governments around the world control the pandemic. Learning activities at school and campus have also shifted to digital platforms or what is called e-learning.

Now teaching and learning activities at various levels of education are centered online at home. Even this policy discourse will be fixed permanently. Schools can optimize technology elements such as those learned during the Covid-19 pandemic to support the face-to-face learning process. Here are 3 technologies that can support distance learning when New Normal

E-Learning Platform

Nothing has changed completely from the teaching and learning activities that have been carried out during the pandemic. Students, students, and educators still communicate with each other, teaching and learning activities as in school or campus. Interactions also occur between classmates, teachers, and lecturers. It’s just that the communication channel that changes from physical to virtual.

The challenge is the delivery of appropriate learning materials through the E-Learning platform, considering that each student has differences in understanding the types of material. Some students may feel better at understanding material in video format, while others feel better in text form.


Study hours both at home and at school are carried out simultaneously at almost the same time, namely morning to noon. By using digital platforms simultaneously, the increase in network traffic may increase. For example, when simultaneously holding exams nationally, the education industry needs to prepare a good network to accommodate these activities.

To fulfill that need, you can rely on Teldat SD-WAN solutions which are equipped with High-Performance Network solutions, thus ensuring more optimal traffic, so you can adjust traffic allocation in each branch according to your needs.

SD-WAN network products from Teldat can help simplify the complexity of IT Operations and ensure the smooth running of the education industry during the New Normal period.

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The cloud plays an important role in the education industry, especially in the New Normal era. With cloud-based software, educational institutions can have virtual classrooms. This practice can not only limit physical access during a pandemic but also reduce the cost of infrastructure for schools and colleges.