May 20, 2024


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6 Advantages of Transportation Services That Are Now Everyone’s Favorite

The COVID-19 outbreak and implications to sustainable urban mobility – some  observations | Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI)

Online transportation now cannot be separated from the lives of Indonesian people. The presence of online transportation services makes it easier for users to carry out their daily activities so as to make their quality of life better. This online service has only been in Indonesia since five years ago, but its presence has attracted attention because of the convenience it offers.

Even the users of this application are claimed to have been very large and developed in a relatively short period of time. For example, trusted Gojek users have reached 155 million. As of semester 1/2019, the Gojek application and ecosystem have been downloaded by more than 155 million users, with more than 2 million driver partners, nearly 400,000 merchant partners, and more than 60,000 service providers in Southeast Asia.

A similar pattern is also found in the number of Grab users, which is a tight competitor. Its popularity is due to various services that are very useful for daily needs. Not only does it take you to your destination, you can also get Go-Food services to buy the food you want.

However, his favorite service is still an effective online transportation that attracts many people. Below are the benefits of online transportation in Indonesia that are felt by many users.

1. More Time Efficient

When you are in a big city like Jakarta, you are definitely required to do everything quickly. With a variety of means of transportation in Jakarta, online transportation is favored after the commuter because you will find it easily.

Especially when using an online motorcycle taxi , you can arrive at your destination quickly without having to worry about getting stuck in traffic. You also don’t need to be confused about finding a parking location so you can use your time more efficiently for other things.

This aspect of convenience and shorter time is indeed the prima donna. Many people can enjoy traveling to prepare work materials or other things instead of focusing on driving which is clearly tiring and requires concentration.

2. Save

Many say that the transportation fare that is currently popular is unreasonable because it is too cheap. But in fact it has provoked a lot of users so that the income is still worth the effort. This service provider company also often provides free discounts to customers.

Apart from saving time, you can also save money . You don’t need to spend money on gas, vehicle maintenance fees or parking fees. Many millennials say that the difference in funds is large enough that they continue to loyally use online transportation services.

With the development of young people’s financial insight, better use of funds is a choice that is often taken. The funds that can be set aside are then allocated for savings or investment.

3. Create a sense of security

With a well-integrated online system, you will feel safer using this service. The driver’s name and photo are clearly listed so that when a problem occurs, it’s easy to track it down. You will also easily report because the company is very concerned about this.

It is their job to take you safely to your destination. A number of online transportation service companies ensure the availability of security features so that passengers are transported safely and comfortably.

4. Can Order Food

One of the undoubted benefits of online transportation. Before this service, we had to be willing to go to our destination to eat and that also took time and money. But who would have thought that now with online transportation only relying on the application, you can order the food you like without having to leave the house.

You just have to wait for your food to come delivered by an online motorcycle taxi. This service has proven to be very useful during the Corona pandemic when everyone is limiting themselves to leaving the house. Many families rely on shopping for their needs by using this application.

5. Deliver Packages In The City

In the past, when there was no online transportation, for services between packages in the city, we used regular shipping services, which even delivery did not necessarily arrive in a day. However, with the service between packages offered by online transportation companies in a day, it can be done.

This is useful if there are items that are left behind and are needed right away. As for online business, of course this service is a distinct advantage. Consumers can immediately get the goods so that sales are much smoother.

6. Provide Transaction Facility

Who would have thought that now paying for online transportation services can be done with electronic money. You don’t need to be afraid of less money or excess money because the listed price is right. With electronic money, transactions will also be carried out quickly so that your time will not be wasted. In addition, these electronic payments often offer attractive promos for their users.

The various benefits of online transportation make it difficult for many people to turn to other hearts. In this case, it is proven that the existence of technology can provide benefits for human life for the better. All this service you can get from

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