April 23, 2024


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Acer adds a powerful Core i3 processor to its Chromebook

The current generation of Chromebooks may shift a little in terms of price and features, but they’re largely cut from the same cloth. Our current favorite is actually the 11-inch Acer C720p, which includes a reasonably priced touchscreen.

Briefly shown off by Acer is a new model that may reset Chromebook expectations. Instead of the Intel Celeron processor found in most models, this upcoming version will have an Intel Core i3 CPU. The only other model to offer a Core i-series CPU is the Google Chromebook Pixel, which costs $1,299.

Few details on the upcoming Core i3 Chromebook are available, but the 11-inch model may be joined by larger midsize screens. In our brief hands-on time with the Core i3 Chromebook, it appeared to be built into the same chassis as current Acer Chromebooks, which is a decently sturdy, but not an especially upscale-feeling design.

There’s no availability date or potential price for the Core i3 Chromebook yet, but we’d expect it to be priced in line with other Chromebooks and entry level laptops, with a reasonable premium for the more powerful CPU.

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