April 25, 2024


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Correct MagicJack Issues by Tweaking and Altering Your Proxy Configurations

Identifying/Modifying Your MagicJack Proxy to take care of connect with quality issues

MagicJack is promoting like hotcakes all all-around the nation. This is fantastic for the dad or mum firm, but can existing worries for the customers that order the device, significantly if you reside in 1 of their crowded marketplaces (i.e. for me in Atlanta). I’ve been operating on several recommendations and tricks to optimize MagicJack and correct some widespread problems, and this one particular solves the difficulty outlined higher than. Following dealing with some pops and cracks in my calls, I begun pondering if perhaps the MagicJack server was a little overloaded, and if so, was there a way to alter the server. Right after scouring by each individual program possibility, I recognized that there wasn’t a way to specify a different server from in the MagicJack software, but having a great comprehending of networking, I was confident I could find some methods.

Immediately after experimentation, I observed that if a MagicJack server wasn’t readily available, it routinely routed to the following out there server, so in my circumstance, if the Atlanta server was down for some motive, I would be quickly routed to the up coming closest server, or Memphis, TN. To make MagicJack assume that Atlanta was down, I developed a pretend route on my personal computer that pointed to a non-existent server, and at the time MagicJack identified it couldn’t link to Atlanta, as predicted, I was routed to Memphis. I jumped out of exhilaration upon knowing that the excellent was now Ideal. There ended up no a lot more pops or cracks, and none of my call recipients were being complaining of static. This tip to optimize MagicJack and resolve some prevalent challenges is the one particular I required to throw absent my residence cell phone invoice. Just a warning, these future couple methods are pretty technological, so you should be very careful, or check with a techie buddy to enable you out!

Find your proxy to deal with frequent MagicJack complications

To correctly optimize MagicJack and correct connect with good quality challenges, you need to initially identify the proxy server that you are employing. The measures below define how to recognize the proxy and vms servers that MagicJack is at the moment using to finish calls:

Stage 1) Down load the software pmdump from http://www.ntsecurity.nu/toolbox/pmdump/ – pmdump allows you dump the memory from a individual procedure this is how we will get the proxy server
Action 2) Get started MagicJack
Step 3) Identify MagicJack’s system ID (PID)

a) Open up a command prompt (start off->run->cmd).
b) Execute pmdump -record
c) Come across “magicjack.exe” in the output. Be aware the selection linked with it (normally 3 to 4 digits).

Move 4) Make at least one particular contact
Action 5) Using the command prompt and PID as explained previously mentioned, execute: pmdump [pid] magicjack.txt
Phase 6) Open magicjack.txt working with a text editor and look for for the string: s=ENSResip

For example, if you join to the Atlanta proxy, you need to see:

o=- 390440284 390440284 IN IP4
c=IN IP4

Observe the IP addresses for both of those the proxy and the vms servers ( for proxy and for vms).

So you have found your proxy, now it is time to modify it

Windows has a terrific crafted in functionality for setting up “routes” for servers. As I outlined previously in the posting, the next trick to enhance MagicJack and correct call quality issues is generating MagicJack believe that the Atlanta server is down, so it will default to the future offered server. Applying the “route” command, you can set the Atlanta proxy and vms servers to a non-existent IP deal with on your local community (if your computer is, you could use anything in that vary, so To do this, run the pursuing command from the command prompt:

route incorporate [ip of proxy] mask -p
route incorporate [ip of vms] mask -p

The command over will notify your laptop or computer that the MagicJack proxy server is really at, which is a poor address, so MagicJack will try out the following out there, and hopefully fewer hectic, server. The -p choice tells your laptop to maintain the route persistent, or keep in mind it following a reboot. If you want to use a precise proxy server (i.e. you choose that the Austin, Texas server is the complete very best), you mainly repeat the system over, but block Each proxy server, besides for the a single you want to use.