July 23, 2024


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Different Ways To Design Your Webpage’s “Above The Fold” Section

Things that attract your customers to your E-Commerce store are numerous and competitive. Once they are on-page you have another job, that is keeping their interest, answering a few questions and having access to the rest of your website. All without scrolling down. This top part of the page is called the “Above the fold” section. Now this is an important part of your website because it is the first thing your customers see.

The first and most important thing to get established above the fold, in my opinion at least, is the menu. Menus usually contain links to the most important parts of the website and help people see what it is that your company offers. Also, in conjunction with the menu you will usually see the company logo at the very top on every page just like the menu. Now you can put your menu across the top if you only have a few links but more common when your full of links and need space is to use the drop-down menu. This will allow you to make your menu full of links but not take up the whole above the fold area. 

Second thing I would consider is getting your banner for the above the fold to be excellent quality and possible even scroll several banners. This does not need to be extremely fancy but it does need to be a high-quality picture that also conveys a message. For example, “Check out our new collection of used equipment” could be a nice tag line for your E-Commerce banner that leads to your used equipment page. If you have a lot of items in your store you would consider getting a great banner to scroll across the top for the best categories. This way while they customer is absorbing everything on the page, they are getting hit with different categories that might stimulate them to click into one of them to look at your products. Once these people see what you have in the banner they are going to scroll down if they are interested so let’s leave a little space under the banner to give them a little information about the rest of the site. This will help them want to scroll to see the rest. 

So, next you can have a few columns or you might have a series of pictures starting with the top one you can almost see the whole thing of without scrolling. Getting this down just right will keep that balance between looking great above the fold and also being productive and attracting customers to scroll down or click deeper into your store.

Think high quality pictures or even a short MP4. to go in the banner section. This section will be most of the sections flash. This is important to get right because this can make the difference between a nice site and one that will blow away your customers. If you have a new website or might just be getting into your website design and do not have a large number of pictures for yourself, you can always make a banner with stock photos. Get into a photo editing program and throw a stock photo up on one side and a colored background on the other and type some text like “Now stocking all types of socks!!”.

 Things to remember about your above the fold section of your website.

1. Make sure it is eye catching and informative 

2. Get your menu and logo set up nice in the above the fold section. 

3. Make sure you have high quality banners with possible links to different categories of your webstore.