April 22, 2024


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The Future Of Commerce In 2021

With more and more troubled times in 2020 we can look forward to a large shift in commerce in 2021. With everything that consumers want to buy online and available from almost all providers we can only assume that we will all be getting more stuff from E-Commerce. Get your notepad together and take notes because this blog post will be about what the future of E-Commerce will look like in 2021. In a short time, you will gain knowledge and insight on how to get more out of your E-Commerce website this year. 

The first thing that we are seeing is a rise in Amazon sales through their E-Commerce website. With this in mind Wal-Mart and other big cooperate companies are ramping up their E-Commerce store and its capabilities. Order online and pickup in the parking lot. Get your items pulled off of the shelf and have it ready and waiting when you show up to customer service. Most of the restaurants are getting online ordering down as a necessity. With their total number of customers allowed inside and other factors it is crucial that you have online ordering and To-Go orders down to an art. Everything that customers want when they order online should be easy and user friendly. When customers come to your store for pick-up if possible, you should have a dedicated phone for texting, when the text is received you can go to the parking lot with their order. These are some of the ways that online ordering can help put your business back into the numbers you were seeing in 2019.

With everything else available to ship to you we are going to see a huge increase in shipping parcels. The shipping companies are hiring left and right to keep up. Amazon has their own delivery crew so they are hiring all the time from what i hear. Nothing is better than having access to everything you need for your home or office available at the touch of your mouse. Getting your supplies for the home or office is easy and you can avoid shipping when your order is large enough. Remember this when you’re setting up your E-Commerce website, you should always offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount of money. This will help you sell more product. Now we can buy everything from regular supplies to groceries and fast food online. Everything is going online so it only makes since that local deliveries will see an increase this year. With fast food companies getting their website design E-Commerce E-Commerce website integrated with local delivery companies is crucial. Getting their product out there and make the customer pay for the delivery service. If you cannot make that work you need to get your minimum order higher or at least you can have the customer pay for a portion of the shipping. 

Basic plan for your E-Commerce website in 2020 

1. Get your items online and make sure they are available to your customers through your E-Commerce store. 

2. Make sure you are offering shipping options even if you have never had shipping options for that item before. Get creative. 

3. Do not forget about local delivery services. They can be contracted to do a lot of work for a discounted price.