April 21, 2024


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Especially for Men, How to Choose a Haircut according to Face Shape?

How To Choose The Right Haircut For Your Face Shape | FashionBeans

Check out the hairstyle that suits your face shape. Have you ever been confused about choosing a haircut that suits your face shape? Or maybe, you imitate your favorite idol’s hairstyle but the results are not as expected? Why did it happen?

In fact, everyone has a different face shape, ranging from ovals, heart shapes, ovals and squares. Each face shape will have a different hairstyle. Therefore, the hairstyle between your favorite idol and you will be different from each other.

On this occasion, milsurhair.com would like to invite you to identify your face shape first as well as give advice on what type of haircut suits your face shape.

Round Face Shape

A round face is a little difficult to choose the ideal haircut. This is because a round face has a facial structure that is almost the same between the width of the cheekbones and the length of the face. The jawbone of the owner of this face is also not too sharp so the angles and facial lines are not too visible.

One of the hairstyles that fits a round face shape is undercut.

To emphasize the side of the face, you can thin out the right and left parts of the hair and make the top part of the hair thicker.

This look will make your face look firmer and thinner. Also, make the appearance more presentable and sleek.

Oval Face Shape

Lucky for you men who have an oval face shape. Oval faces are characterized by almost the same forehead and cheek sizes as well as a pointed chin shape. This face shape can almost use a variety of shapes or hairstyles.

However, the owner of an oval face shape should regularly cut his hair. This is because the owner of an oval face will look less attractive if there is hair covering the face.

Choose a haircut like Mark Feehily which has a neat and minimalist cut.

Square Face Shape

This type of face shape will definitely give a manly and dashing impression. With a strong jawline, a man who has this face shape will make any woman’s heart fall in love.

The hallmark of this square face is that it has a fairly wide jaw and high cheekbones and forms four corners like a square shape.