May 24, 2024


Think spectacular technology

Google’s Codename – Caffeine

Ok, so it’s not exactly the Manhattan Project, but Google’s new search tool is certainly poised to improve the way we find information on the web. Google is speeding up and cleaning up its search process. The new Caffeine, aptly named, is supposed to return search results twice as fast as its older version. Google is also taking measures to clean up pornographic material, as well as giving AdSense publishers the option to not run alcohol and pharmacy ads. The changes to Google’s formula will also change the way the new Caffeine will rank pages. Caffeine is going to offer a more accurate Page Rank (PR), which will mean rethinking SEO for many companies.

Google’s Search Engine is built around a series of complex algorithims. With the Caffeine platform, these algorithims are changing in hopes to correct a number of issues Google detected upon evaluating its current search engine. Google recently introduced “real time” updates included in its searches. This allows things such as breaking news and Twitter updates to be seen as they are happening. Google Caffeine is geared toward getting users the information they want faster, so this will do away with a lot of the clutter in cyberspace. Many of the deceptive tatics used previously to get pages to rank higher in search results will become obsolete. Caffeine will instead rank pages that contain more informative keywords and more accurate descriptions higher.

Google’s revamping of its search engine couldn’t come at a better time. With Microsoft’s launch of Bing and its recent $47.2 billion acquisition of Yahoo, the move is a strategic one. Even with Microsoft taking control of the number 2 search engine, it still has a long way to go to catch up with the dominance of the Google brand. In Beta tests, Caffeine still beat out, or tied with, Bing in virtually every categories. We’re not exactly sure when Google will fully implement its new search, but be on the lookout for information with an extra “jolt” in the very near future.