April 13, 2024


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How to Become Instagram Guru: The Guide You’ve Been Looking For!


Do you want to know all the deepest secrets of Instagram, learn how to use all Instagram features, what additional tools (for instance, Ingramer) to use for accelerated account promotion? If yes, keep reading the article till the end, I promise, you won’t moon away these two minutes!

Instagram Algorithms

If you haven’t noticed yet, Instagram has updated its ranking algorithms. Now your posts are not shown in a reverse chronological way. Now, if you want your post to be seen by as many Instagram followers, you need to jump through some hoops. It presupposes that the posts which provoke more activity (such as likes and comments) are shown to a higher number of Instagrammers. There some other criteria for a post to be promoted by Instagram – the time you spend on Instagram and the frequency of posting.

Actually, that was made on purpose – to enlarge the time you spend on Instagram and to earn money on advertising.

What can we infer from this? First, we should learn how to promote our post effectively to gain a broader audience. Second, we should learn how to engage the audience. Third. we should post more often.

Photo vs. Video

Is Instagram about photos? It was. Now it’s videos that attract more attention. But it doesn’t mean you should post only videos, that won’t work, believe me. Simply mix up your posts with a couple of videos per month.


  • The best way to promote your photos is via hashtags and geotags.
  • Use both high-frequency and low-frequency hashtags.
  • Put them in the first comment (no more than 30.)
  • Use different tags for each post.
  • A hashtags generator will help you to find the best ones.
  • Create long text for the caption under the photo post. It will be promoted faster.
  • Safewords: mass-liking, follow for follow, mutual liking, and so on. Instagram won’t promote your posts if you use them in your caption and as hashtags.
  • Do not edit your caption and hashtags during at least an hour after publication.


The best way to promote your videos is via Interesting section.

  • For that, you need to create a unique outstanding video.
  • It’s better to write a short description for a video post.
  • Post more Stories and go Live more often.


There should be bidirectional communication between you and your audience. Reaching that, you will get personal satisfaction from running an account and will promote it quicker.


A comment is one of the major ways of socializing on Instagram. With the help of Comments, you can engage the audience and promote an account more effectively.

  • For that, just ask your followers a question in the caption under the post. 
  • Remember the comments, which consist of more than four words, are estimated by Instagram higher. Thus, ask a question in such a way to motivate people to write an extended comment.
  • Another nuance – answer to all the comment you receive during the first 40 minutes. It will boost the ranking of your post.
  • Use Comment Tracker not to miss a comment. Moreover, such a tool can automatically delete spam, so the attractiveness of your post will increase.

Direct Messages

Direct Messages build up strong bounds and shape the followers’ loyalty. Not to communicate with followers directly is a glaring omission.

  • Welcome new followers via DMs
  • If you run a business, offer something curious (a discount, for instance)
  • Notify about important news
  • You can use the automation tool to send such kind of emails to your followers. It will be faster.
  • You can communicate with your audience via Stories and broadcasting Live. Use various polls and sliders to get to know their opinion on a particular topic.

Account growth

The most optimal way of growing your audience is the automatization of most of the activities which are to enlarge the number of likes and follows. I’m talking about the situation when you like and follow other accounts in the hope that they will notice you, visit your profile out of curiosity, like your posts out of kindness and follow you if your content is interesting enough. That is provided by special Instagram automation tools like Ingramer.

The main advantage of such tools is that you can adjust the precise targeting settings. It allows attracting only the target audience to your profile. Moreover, such tools skip bots and not active accounts so you may be sure that you will receive only real followers and likes.

As you see, there is nothing extremely complicated about managing your Instagram account professionally. Just be witty, use your brain, learn how to use a camera, and don’t forget about communication.