July 15, 2024


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What Areas Is AI Impacting In 2019?

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Artificial intelligence has been moving a lot in the past couple of years. With a variety of business fields being tackled at the moment, the need for automated and independently learning features is fundamental. Let’s analyse, in detail, which business fields are being impacted by artificial intelligence in 2019. 

Computing Power: The Most Important One 

With machine learning and Python applications becoming more and more popular in 2019, the hunt for AI-related features within the computing industry has become more and more tangible. Artificial intelligence applies to a variety of computing spheres ranging from data warehousing to simple processing and it’s moving from a very software-development related field to front-end development shenanigans. In 2020, we will definitely be able to see this very matter evolving significantly. 

The Entire Mobile Industry 

Mobile has become a big (if not the biggest) focus within the development industry, with a severe number of companies investing in both iOS and Android development. In the UK, recently elected as the European technological powerhouse, many app developers have stated how powerful the entire artificial intelligence realm is, especially when applied to new technologies such as Alexa. Every Alexa developer is in fact convinced of the fact that development, in general, will embrace automation fully before 2025.

The Automotive Industry 

With examples like TESLA, it’s no secret that the automotive industry has developed massively in the past couple of years. The automotive industry is heavily investing in what’s known as “the driverless experience”, which is likely to become a reality in 2021 with Audi already testing a variety of models. Artificial intelligence, with automation features related to machine learning, is becoming an industry standard within the mobile industry. Will Elon Musk’s company lead the entire market or are the people over at Audi going to dominate the entire sector? 

To Conclude 

The evolution of machine learning is heavily contaminating every business sphere who’s looking to automate certain features. From warehousing to software development, its applications, together with Artificial Intelligence, are going to reshape an already extremely noisy market. We can expect more and more artificial intelligence features being applied to applications, software and web development in 2020.