April 21, 2024


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How to Choose a Lawyer

How To Choose The Right Lawyer: 7 Things To Look For - Sutekno

Small companies, as a rule, do not need a full-time lawyer, because there is not much work for him. Therefore, if necessary, such companies hire outside lawyers. When choosing them, you should be guided by the following rules: find someone who specializes in your specific problem, take advantage of early consultation opportunities and do not pursue low-cost legal services.

Determine why you need the services of a lawyer from colbylegal.com. Do you need to defend your rights in court, register an offshore company or buy real estate? Depending on this, try to find a lawyer first through your friends, and then through the Internet.

It’s best to contact a trusted attorney, but if this isn’t possible, try to find reviews of the law firm you are trying to contact. As a rule, such reviews are available on the Internet. Also pay attention to law firm websites: reputable companies usually have convenient websites with the ability to quickly find information and prices.

If the question that you want to contact a lawyer is very important to you, then it is better to choose a law firm by name. You can find such companies through various ratings (10 best Russian law firms, etc. However, be prepared for the fact that their services are quite expensive.

On minor issues, you can contact a freelance lawyer instead of the company. As a rule, their service offerings can be found on job search sites for freelancers. The main disadvantage here is that you are unlikely to be able to appreciate such a lawyer. But the service will be cheaper.

Often companies and lawyers offer clients free advice. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity, because at the consultation you will be able to assess the level of the attorney and understand the seriousness of your problem. Set up a meeting with a lawyer, decide how much you are willing to pay for his services, how long you can give to resolve the issue.

Remember that law firms receive hourly wages. Lawyers’ hourly rates vary depending on their qualifications. It is not always profitable to go to cheaper specialists, because they can work longer, and thus you will still have to pay a rather large amount. Freelancers, as a rule, work for piecemeal payments based on the results of the order.