May 20, 2024


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How to Choose Wireless Construction Cameras?

Safety should be one of the most important things in every company, especially when it comes to the construction industry. Many things can happen when they are at work and having proper surveillance is necessary. More than 70{8c54160eed80eb00ac4f5d74c8785e95142d89daf570f201b81dc7fdc31059f3} of locations that are working at the moment are using cameras and this number is only growing as it becomes more affordable and a standard.

When you are looking to buy them, there are a few factors to look at like what type to buy, how it will be used and what characteristics they should have. It would be best if you can have a wireless construction camera because wiring actually isn’t an option because there will be a mess in the area and it’s hard to have it connected. A good thing is that there are plenty of options to choose from so there’s something for everyone’s needs.

Find a Good Supplier

Finding a good supplier only depends on your research ability and what people have to offer in your city. They will usually help you out with placing them all over the location and help you install but before that, you will need to choose who to hire. The best way to do it is to find someone with a lot of experience and well-known partners in the industry.

If you can’t afford the top-notch agencies, you can look up online and check the feedback of past customers. This isn’t the most effective way because there could be fake ratings but usually, the popular websites can be trusted. You would want to know how much you are willing to spend and decide which type to choose. Find out more here: 

Some companies don’t have all the features you want to check their website before you make the call. Most people will go with the fixed-position camera but features like zoom, cleaners or even night vision are some you might look for. The type will also depend on what you are using it for. For example, you might want to record the whole process or you might want to use it as surveillance.

Look for Good Software

People that do construction rarely know about camera software and what it is used for so it’s something you should check before renting. Programs that are running in the background can mean a lot when someone is planning to disable them during the theft. You would want them to have reliable software that will record everything and place it in the cloud which can be used in any case.

This won’t affect your price as much but it can mean the difference in some cases. How much it will cost will depend on the type of camera and how many you will need. But, the most important part is the placement and that will be done by a professional. This is crucial because people with experience know what the best locations are and what angles are critical.

What to Ask the Supplier?

Communication between you and the supplier is very important because he needs to understand your needs and figure out the best way to manage the construction site. One of the parts is the optical zoom which is important when the area is big and you want to cover as much but with a clear picture. You might place it somewhere elevated where you can see movement easily but you need to be able to recognize someone’s face.

Ask them about their past clients and how they would manage your case compared to theirs. This way you will understand how it should be done if you are familiar with their past client. They will assess your needs and get back to you with a price. It is usually negotiable so don’t jump right in and figure out a way to cut down costs if you can. Read more on this page.

One thing everyone would like to know is if there are any hidden fees. Some of them have live footage, security recording and unlimited storage but everything depends on when you are making a purchase. You might ask for one feature and they have a certain price for it but you will need to pay extra for everything else you might think it’s guaranteed. So, ask them about every feature and its price.

The last thing to ask them or check out on your own is customer support which should be 24/7 depending on the company. You can call them and see for yourself if they have professional customer support that will answer all your questions about the project. This is important because small things build a reputation and later on it usually reflects in their work. Besides being polite, you would want them to be available so they can react right away if something bad happens.