July 13, 2024


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iPhone 12 leak: CAD-based renders show design, 120Hz screens and 3x zoom camera tipped

New CAD schematics for the upcoming iPhone 12 series have leaked, allowing the team at EverythingApplePro to create accurate 3D renders. They show that the new iOS flagships will have an iPad Pro-like design with squared off sides.

One thing that was present in earlier leaks was a Smart Connector (like the iPads have). This has been removed in the latest version, but people in the know say that Apple is keeping it as an option for future “port-less” iPhones.

iPhone 12 leaks: CAD-based renders show designs, 120Hz screens possible, 3x zoom camera

Also, the revised dimensions of the 5.4” iPhone 12 show that the phone will be smaller than expected. It should be fairly close to the size of the new iPhone SE (which has a 4.7” display but with a 16:9 aspect ratio and old school bezels).

The iPhone 12 Pro series will be getting a new hero color, Navy Blue, which will replace the 11 generation’s Midnight Green. The glass on the back will still have a matte finish as that does a great job of fending off fingerprints.

The screens on the iPhone 12 lineup will be completely revamped. All four models will have OLED screens with narrower notches, the Pro series will even get 120Hz refresh rate (ProMotion, something that the iPad Pros have offered for a while).

Besides the screens, the rear camera will be a major differentiating factor between the iPhone 12 Pro duo and the vanilla models. The Pros will have a LiDAR sensor, which will help with things like faster autofocus (2-3 times faster than the what we have now) as well as portrait mode for videos.

Tryouts of a 64MP sensor reportedly left Apple engineers unsatisfied, so they will be sticking with a 12MP sensor. A larger sensor, though, with multiple enhancements for better night mode.

The telephoto camera will also be exclusive to the Pros, agree leaksters. It will go up to 3x magnification (the 11 Pros have 2x) and will support night mode as well. Apple is allegedly working on periscope designs, but that’s not happening this year.

Jon Prosser, who supplied much of the info for the video above, has released his own video with yet more iPhone 12 details. Starting with the names, the four models will be called iPhone 12 (5.4”), iPhone 12 Max (or perhaps 12 Plus, 6.1”), iPhone 12 Pro (6.1”) and iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7”).

iPhone 12 line-up: (alleged) prices and key specs
iPhone 12 line-up: (alleged) prices and key specs
iPhone 12 line-up: (alleged) prices and key specs
iPhone 12 line-up: (alleged) prices and key specs

iPhone 12 line-up: (alleged) prices and key specs

The “regular” iPhone 12 models will have BOE-made displays while the Pro duo will get 10-bit panels from Samsung. The pricing is interesting too, the base iPhone 12 will starts at $650, that’s $50 less than the iPhone 11 (4G connectivity, LCD). All four models will have 5G connectivity, making the base model even better value for money.

Prosser says that the ProMotion displays are not certain yet as Apple engineers try to optimize them with a mode that automatically switches to 60Hz when 120Hz are not needed to save battery. Watch both videos for more details – including the high chances of a delayed launch.


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