June 18, 2024


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Key Points To Consider While Launching Outdoor Electronic Signs

Using electronic signs has gained popularity as a communication method between businesses and their customers. Digital signs are used by companies to communicate with customers who are inside the store. Similarly, outdoor electronic signs can act effectively for communicating with customers outside the store. Using outdoor electronic signs is a helpful way to attract potential clients inside the store. 

To improve brand identity, outdoor signs can also be used in metro stations and in bus stops that can be controlled from a remote location. However, some crucial points are there that you need to consider while launching outdoor digital signs. 

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Climate concerns with electronic signs

The outdoor sign that you use will be continuously exposed to weather elements. That is the reason; you should select an outdoor display that can withstand several types of climatic conditions. Make sure that the screen can withstand humidity, snow, and rain. If you are using electronic signs, you might need a separate waterproofing shield to offer extended life to the display. Digital displays, on the other hand, come with waterproofing seals. 

Dealing with bright sunlight

The effect of the sun is another consideration that should be made while installing outdoor electronic signs. The people walking through your shop should be able to see the electronic sign. To make that possible, the display must be capable of competing with the bright sunlight outside. Make sure that the screen you buy is capable of displaying at least 70 nits or more. A nit is a factor to measure brightness. 

However, you need to adjust the display of the screen at different levels of brightness at different sunlight conditions. If the screen is set at a high level of light, chances are there that the screen will consume more electricity.

Some outdoor signage solutions come with an ambient light sensor that helps to adjust the different brightness levels. With the help of this sensor, the outdoor signage can adjust its brightness level automatically depending on the surrounding light condition.

Grasping control of the outdoor electronic signage software

Once you have installed outdoor electronic signs, you need to populate it with useful content. But sometimes, based on the nature of the posters, these are hard to access. It is also hard to reach the sign using a ladder if it is installed too high. Owing to such reasons, the software of outdoor digital signage comes with a remote control facility.  

You can easily control the content of the electronic sign through your laptop using a simple web interface. Without a remote content management system, the users have to reach each spot physically and change the content of each board using a USB drive. That is a time-consuming process and also dangerous. 

Last but not least

Outdoor digital signs are vulnerable to security attacks. That is because the majority of these signs are installed off-premises and are left unattended for long periods. It is easy for hackers to access the physical hardware as well as the software of the device. Hence, businesses using outdoor signs should make it a practice to choose digital signs that come with in-built security precautions.