April 23, 2024


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Lenovo stretches the smallest Yoga 720 to 12 inches

Probably the biggest news about Lenovo’s latest trio of portable updates is the new 12-inch size of the Yoga 720 convertible laptop. Granted, the screen’s only marginally bigger than the 11.6-inch Yoga 710, but it has roughly the same weight and footprint as that model thanks to smaller screen bezels. Updated features include pen support, a fingerprint reader and a USB-C/Thunderbolt port to drive an external display.

Its biggest Yoga also gets better. The Yoga 920 improves on the 910 by incorporating 8th-generation Kaby Lake refresh versions of Intel’s Core processors. It’s also got a far-field microphone array in support of Microsoft’s push to make its Cortana voice assistant more appealing to use, so it can hear you up to 13 ft (4 meters) away. It also supports a stylus now. Lenovo’s tweaked the design, too, making it easier to open one-handed, moving the camera back up to the top of the display and adding a new bronze color. And the stupidly small and poorly placed right shift key is now full sized and back where it belongs.

The Miix 510 2-in-1 isn’t that old, but it’s already getting replaced by the Miix 520. It’s not visibly different — it’s just getting an 8th-gen Core update like the Yoga 920’s and a Cortana-optimized mic array. Plus, it supports the same pressure-sensitive Active Pen as the Miix 720. 

Lenovo expects to ship all three laptops in October. The Yoga 720 12-inch will start at $650 (which converts to approximately £500 or AU$820), the Yoga 920 at $1,330 (about £1,030 or AU$1,680) and the Miix 520 at $1,000 (about £775 or AU$1,265).

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