April 13, 2024


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Let it last, these are 6 Tips for Caring for a Good and Correct Car

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Having a car is everyone’s dream. In addition to private vehicles, cars are often used as a lifestyle that must be fulfilled. However, the most important thing is proper car care so that the condition of the car is always good and durable to use for a long time. 

Unfortunately, most of us are still ignorant about car maintenance. They only know how to wear it. Meanwhile, if the car suddenly breaks down, of course you can’t do anything and you will immediately take the car to a repair shop. In fact, if you carry out car maintenance from the start, the car will not be easily damaged.

Then, how to care for a car that is good and right? Check out the following reviews that Cermati.com has compiled from various sources.

1. Avoid Berets and Use Special Soap for Car Paint

Car paint clearly affects the appearance of the car most of all. If the quality of the paint is good and well-maintained, of course, the car will be seen as attractive by everyone.

Therefore, you must be good at caring for car paint . Try to avoid friction from other objects such as tree trunks, walls, iron and others that can scratch the car paint. 

In addition, routinely washing the car with the right special car soap, using a soft cloth, and drying it properly will make the car well maintained and the car paint is always in good condition.

2. Choosing the Right Fuel

You have to understand that every car has different engine specifications so it must use the right fuel. The choice of the right fuel will affect the work of an engine for the better. The wrong fuel, dirty, and not filled at the official place will make the car engine not maintained and cause damage.

3. Regularly Change Car Oil

In addition to fuel, car oil / lubricant must also be considered and replaced regularly. You need to change the oil regularly by scheduling when to change the oil. On average, the car oil change process can be carried out at 5,000 km to 7,500 km car mileage and is carried out in an official and professional place.

4. Air Radiator

You have to be diligent about paying attention to the radiator water because it can support the performance of the car. You must regularly replace the radiator water properly and use clean and dirt-free radiator water. You can also provide a stock of radiator water in the garage by buying it at an official place and according to your car.

5. Pay attention to the transmission of the car

Tips for caring for the right car also apply to the selection and attention to the transmission of the car you have. You have to pay attention to which car transmission is the right one so that you can be proficient in driving a car and not damage the car indirectly. 

In this case you have to pay attention to how to handle the transmission, either manual or automatic, which is good and right and learn to use the right car.

6. Always Perform Routine Service

Regular or periodic service at a car repair shop  is the most important thing in maintaining a car to keep it running well. You can service from exterior to interior, change oil, adjust radiator water, check battery, and much more. Make sure the periodic service is carried out in the right place and take the time to ask the service party about how to properly care for your car.

If you are used to taking care of your car with regular service, you also go to Car Service New York and have to be diligent in keeping the vehicle durable. Reading manuals, asking questions about cars to experts, and driving a car well are all ways so that you can take care of your car properly and last forever.