March 3, 2024


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Lightning Arrestors: What are they and how do they work?

Lightning is considered one of the most intense natural forces which are capable of destroying buildings and unprotected equipment within seconds. In fact, it is responsible for the tremendous damage, worth billions of dollar, each year. So, to protect buildings and equipment from ruthless lightning strikes and storms, lighting arrestors are used. They are the most suitable way to protect our infrastructure from lightning storms. So, here, we will talk about what they are and how they work.

What is Lightning Arrestor?

Lightning arrestor is the electrical equipment which is installed on power systems and telecommunication systems to protect the insulation and conductors of the system from the adverse effects of lightning.

In other words, lightning arrestor is a device that is installed in order to protect our homes, structures and power lines from dangerous power surges. Here, the primary defense of arrestor is against lightning and the damage it can cause.

You might have even noticed them before even if you are hearing about this electrical equipment first time. Probably, you have seen cylindrical shaped ribbed bits on the power lines which are usually one foot or two feet long or sometimes longer than that. They are the commercial lightning arrestors which are used to protect power lines from the dangers of lightning strikes.

How does Lightning Arrestor work?                    

In previous times, lightning rods were used as a means of protection by establishing a low resistance path to the ground. This path is responsible for the conduction of electrical currents that occur with the lightning effects. However, they were very limited in their function as they simply attract and divert the lightning current. On the other hand, modern lightning arrestors are versatile in use. They are charged and operate during working.

This versatile electrical equipment is typically installed near critical appliances or points of entry such as electrical panel or near generator. When potentially hazardous lightning strikes, it gets activated and starts diverting electrical currents to the ground where currents are dispersed harmlessly.

It is important to notice that arrestors don’t stop the lightning as it would be more dangerous. Rather, they limit and mitigate the electrical charge. However, the correct term would be ‘divert’ as arrestors give the lightning a sort of safe path to travel rather than through electrical devices. You can think of it as a detour of the dangerous lightning or electricity which actually won’t be far off at all.

The main advantage of using these arrestors is that they are a whole-home (or whole-building) defense against the damage of lightning and help in drastically reducing the risks of damage. Thus, if you have installed this electrical equipment at your building or electrical power system, they can safeguard it from menacing lightning strikes.

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