July 13, 2024


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Promoting Multiple Websites through Link Building


If you run a business with multiple websites, all these websites can be promoted through Link Building with a unified approach. To come to grips about what you should really do to promote all these websites through a unified single strategy, you have to understand the processes and requirements of the impending campaign in the first place. Next, you should really plan out your action plan by listing down the preparatory works and get them done in an organized manner.

You should really create and give the strategy what it really takes for the purpose. By implementing effective action plans, you will not only contribute and cover your comprehensive Link Building activities but also bring dramatic results for your efforts. 

If you are planning to promote multiple websites offering diverse products or solutions, you should incorporate exclusive ideas and plans that help to promote each of these individual websites and products as well as your flagship business or corporate website. Being that, you will be able to promote each of these product websites, your company website and links of all these websites. 

This approach calls for a better understanding of each of your products and their audiences apart from the adept ability in combining all these requirements into the mainstream strategy. All across the process, you have to bear in mind to follow all the SEO best practices and Link Building protocols so that your plans and activities resonate with your strategy and contribute to fulfil your objectives. You can learn more on this and get the Best SEO Services form Digital White Labels.

Diverse Solutions

Suppose you are an online marketing company with multiple websites and each website is offering different solutions to identical or diversely different audiences, the first thing you should do is to prioritize your websites and products based on their strategic value, your business needs such as short term or long term Return On Investments, low and high margins, slow and quick absorption of these  products and services by your Target Audience (TG), the amount of time and  effort needed to promote the websites  and such strategically important factors for your top line and bottom-line objectives. You may rank your websites and products according to their strategic values such as Short-term Results for immediate Cash Flows, High & Better Margins, Perspective of Easy Connectivity & Selling, etc. For more details on Digital Marketing & Link Building Services, Digital White Labels.

Diverse Goals

As you are having multiple websites selling diverse products and services, your goals are different for those different websites and products. So, list down those diverse goals such as Brand Awareness, Leads, Google Ranking, Conversions, Inbound & Outbound Reach, Organic & Paid Reach, etc. Once that is done, give quantitative numbers for each of these objectives and goals with time frames so that action plans can be formed to achieve those numbers.

Diverse Audiences

Differentiate & make the list of Audiences each for different websites that you own and define each audience set with its characteristics and profiles. Then, plan the mode of reach for each of these audiences by determining the frequency of promotion posts and brand exposures through the assistance of research tools such as keyword analysis tools, estimated reach and clicks forecasting tools, etc.

Diverse Messages

As your audience is diverse for various solutions of your multiple websites, create Pitch & Promo messages for each of those websites with a unique concept. Upon that, according to the Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) of each website or product, create your messages that easily connect, communicate and appeal to the relevant audiences. In each content post that you are promoting for each of your solutions, give the relevant backlinks of those websites or products so that the particular product or service is promoted.

While creating your campaign messages, keep in mind the three stages of Digital Marketing viz Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. This will enable you to custom-create your messages and ads for the intended and specific purpose of your promotion and such carefully created messages will make a significant impact among the audiences.

Holistic Plan

As you are devising the holistic and comprehensive plan for the entire range of products and services that you are promoting through your company main website and specific product websites targeting various audiences, create your Funnel Marketing content in such a way that each website and various combo packages involving multiple or cross products from more than one website get mention, exposure, representation, attention, visibility, connectivity, credibility and greater chances of conversion.

As you create your content, pay attention to Initiation, Introduction & Intensification levels of product exposure so that the right type of content makes meaningful contribution to your overall strategy. Initiation level is about creating your brand presence on the internet for the various products through product websites and web pages, Facebook pages and groups, brand specific blogs, brand identities such as brands mentions and branded hashtags, etc. Introduction level is about writing and posting announcements like posts about your products and services. Intensification level is about writing and posting extensively and delving into the depths of the subjects stage by stage, feature by feature, use case by use case, etc., enabling better and deeper understanding of your products and services.

As you promote your entire range of products through a single strategy, your focus now is on deciding on the use of relevant platforms for your campaign. You may opt for exclusively separate platforms for each website or product or common platforms where you will promote and publish all products posts and content. Whether you use separate or common platforms, ensure to maintain the identity for your Corporate brand with unique and common Profile Sections and Pages, Company Descriptions, Brand Themes, Colors, Brand Identities, Audience Focus, Appeals, Followers, Call Out Messages, etc. In addition to this, ensure to reflect brand uniformity all across your promotional content so that your followers, visitors, viewers and readers are not confused with different approaches and multivarious digital marketing activities.

Unified Approach

Unified Approach in the Link Building process for multiple websites means creating a comprehensive strategy plan that covers and incorporates all strategic inputs necessary for all your individual brands, products, websites, keywords and links. The process involves defining your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), creating practical content calendar with common objectives, picking the relevant links to respective product pages, making exclusive and joint Call Out messages for individual product and company websites with a view to make your customers to understand that as a single business owner or an entity you are offering a diverse range of products and solutions through your flagship company website and individually through those respective product websites with both single & unified Call Out messages and specific appeals.

Having said this, the real challenge in the Unified Approach is to create differentiated appeals and tones for different product posts and ads. If remarkably and creatively handled, each product promotion highlights each website and specifically makes an appeal to the intended target audience. This generates exclusive visitor traffic to each of your products websites and webpages through search engines and back link clicks from each other website that you own apart from third party and referral websites that you promote your URL links.

Goal Setting in Analytics is crucial to the success of your Unified Link Building Strategy for multiple websites. Through the metrics, you will be able to measure the volume of reach of your various promotional messages and content which lets you achieve SEO and business results for each of your websites. Moreover, you will be able to capture the number of backlink clicks that each of your websites is receiving along with the measure of the quality links that you receive from various backlink sources. These metrics help you determine the engagement and conversion rate for each of your products and services. Moreover, the Analytics help you to identify the various contributing factors & actors for each of your websites’ URL interactions, backlink clicks, website traffic and sales conversion giving you the maneuver to finetune the strategy, quality of content, target audience in order to improve your overall results. 


Promoting multiple websites through a Unified Link Building Strategy has multiple advantages. It makes Link Building and Content Promotion easier because of more controlling abilities as you own those multiple websites and in terms of cost effectiveness, brand exposure and traffic generation through the joint promotion. You will be able to boost website traffic for each of your websites through backlinks and clickable brand mentions from each of your own websites and thereby increase the conversion rate in each of your websites.

Moreover, cross promoting all of your products through all of your websites subtly and naturally, you are able to create a great amount of trust, confidence and credibility among your users, visitors, followers and readers which helps to reduce the lead time of sales conversions for each of your products and services. Cross Promotion of your own websites and products enables your audience to see your expertise in your industry, segment or niche what with the wide range of products and services that you promote giving your customers a better and broader perspective of your company as a whole and your products individually. More exposure and visibility of your URLs and products only means more website traffic, more trust and increased conversions.