May 19, 2024


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Significant Tech Warfare – This Is Not Your Fathers Armed forces

The philosophy and essential strategies are still the exact but the times of Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz are out the window as the modern-day battlespace usually takes condition. Positive there are continue to practices this sort of as use of decoys, deception and the component of shock, but now the SAM websites, mobile missile launchers and anti-plane systems are some of the most subtle technologies on the planet. But then again so are our stealth fighters.

Without a doubt, all this it’s possible new to you, but it is all way too acquainted with me because of to my upbringing as the son of a US Naval Aviator, Captain, Commanding Officer of a Squadron. Therefore I should thank my father for his numerous tales about his 250 fight missions in an A-4 in Vietnam, though I was increasing up. My father also taught me how to fly in our family members personal plane propelling my fascination in aeronautics and therefore my fascination in all plane, like Unmanned Aerial Cars or UAVs.

Currently, it is fascinating how factors have improved in that brief 3-10 years period. And it has improved very a bit considering the fact that my Grandfather (DK Winslow) built his contributions in investigate doing work with on the slicing edge systems of his day: Radar, Ultrasound, Infrared, Microwave, Acoustic Transducers, and many others. with much more than 70 investigate papers in all.

Presently my brother is a Pilot in Command of a C-130 in the USMC and therefore my ideas on his safety and our Nations Security are continual. The foreseeable future of robotic warfare arrives upcoming and it is coming quick also. Robots killing robots and unmanned cars looking for out enemy combatants and killing them – higher tech war is each individual bit as significant as it has ever been, its just now the high-tech capabilities are out of this environment.