May 24, 2024


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Skills You Need to Get Hired in an iOS App Development Company

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Thanks to the ongoing digital transformations, iOS application development has become the most favored career field for every techie. It has earned the attention of various newly graduated and existing developers with a myriad of benefits including higher pay, job satisfaction, wealth of learning opportunities, and profitable future – a glimpse of which is recorded in the form of statistics revealing that iOS experts have earned around $100B from the Apple Store in between January and June, 2018 and this amount was 30{8c54160eed80eb00ac4f5d74c8785e95142d89daf570f201b81dc7fdc31059f3} more than that observed before.

In such a scenario, if you are someone interested in embarking your journey into the iOS world and gain all the aforementioned advantages as an employee rather than a one-man army, here’s your go-to guide to prepare yourself for getting hired in a reputed iOS app development company:

  1. Expertise in Objective-C and Swift

When talking about becoming an iOS app developer, the first thing you need to focus upon is the programming languages used for developing a native iOS application, i.e, Objective-C and Swift.

You need to be familiar with the syntax, benefits, limitations and applications of these two iOS development languages along with what brands are using them, what is their future scope and how you can pick the best option among the two for your next app project. So, enrol for some course to improve your skills at coding with Objective-C and Swift.

2. Experience with XCode

Another skill that you need to work upon for getting hired in a recognized iOS app development company is having a strong background of working with Xcode IDE.
This is because Xcode, which is integrated with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch framework, provides you with an environment to create engaging and innovative iOS applications by focusing on all the app elements – right from conceptualization to designing and coding. The IDE also enables you to get an advantage of different Apple services including Game Changer and Passbook.

3. Knowledge of Core Data

Core Data, as you might be aware of, is a perseverance Apple framework that works primarily by storing data on Apple devices. This enables developers and users to resume any application service without reentering the whole data, which foster their experience.
So, look forward to gaining a comprehensive knowledge of core data and implement it wisely into your iOS app development plan.

4. Understanding of UI/UX Design

Many iOS app developers have the notion that knack of coding is all they need to rule in the app market. However, it is not so. Paying attention to the UI/UX designing, testing and other phases of mobile app development lifecycle is equally important to create an application that everyone wish to interact with.

So, do not keep your knowledge restricted to the top programming languages to consider in 2019. Rather look forward to learning about the Best Beta testing tools to work with, Top UX design principles to exercise in 2019, and much more.

5. Ability of Spatial Reasoning

The next skill that you are required to polish is the spatial reasoning, i.e., the ability of visualizing the relationship between different objects in 3D. Or in simpler terms, the ability to envisage how a user interacts with an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Apple TV and thereafter, introduce the right app elements in your iOS development plan is a must-have skill that development companies appreciate in a candidate.

So, ensure that you become an expert at developing this skill and designing a user-centric app solution.

6. Contribution on Git and GitHub

While it might seem optional, participating in different activities at GiHub and having your own codes published on the platform can also provide you with some advantages over those candidates who do not have an account on GitHub. So, do not overlook this opportunity too.

7. Risk Taking Ability

Though not technical, risk taking ability also matters when you are heading to enter the iOS development arena. This is because the iOS market is progressively growing. Every single day, some new technologies and tools are emerging out in the market, while the existing ones are taking the backseat.

In a scenario like this, being ready to face any risk smartly, experimenting with the evolving technologies and tools, and revamping your development plans accordingly is also an effective skill to work upon. So, do not overlook the related opportunities.

8. Time Management

Last but not the least, time management skill is also a vital ingredient of your journey towards entering an iOS application development agency. This is because the rising competition in the marketplace has made it necessary to launch an application at the earliest, which has created a pressure upon the iOS app developers to manage their time such that they can deliver exceptional app development services to multiple clients at the same time. So, consider this skill too, when applying for a job in an iPhone app development agency.

While the aforementioned skills are the most in-demand skills in the Apple market, there can be various specific skills required by different iOS app development company too. So, do not confine your research and efforts to these skills only. Look ahead to learn more about the company you wish to become a part of and prepare yourself for the position smartly.