February 27, 2024


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Slow internet? How to configure your router for a blazing fast home network

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Any modern home will rely greatly on internet technology to function. Whether it is working from home in the cloud or catching up with friends on FaceTime at nights, it is internet technology that makes it all happen. Within this overall framework, one piece of tech gear is crucial to it all working quickly and efficiently: the router. Your router essentially helps to connect your electronic devices to the internet and enables you to access it. With no router in place or one that is not working properly, you will see no or slow internet access. What can you do if you have a router that is not functioning to its maximum and slowing down your internet connection at home? Do not despair – luckily, there are some cool ways to configure it and solve this issue.

Reset your router

The first and perhaps most obvious tip is to simply reset your current router. After all, it wouldn’t be a tech fix without basically switching it on and off again! This can be effective though and is certainly worth making your starting point if your home tablet or PC is running slowly online. Resetting your router will allow for any network issues to clear and also allow the router to internally configure itself again to provide a faster internet connection. It is pretty simple to do as there is a “Reset” button on the back of most standard routers these days.

Select a new channel

Having a router that sees emails freeze up in mid-flow or movies crash on-screen at the best bit is really annoying. To tweak yours so that this no longer happens, it can sometimes be worthwhile to select a new channel to use. The best way to go about this is via a free online Wi-Fi scanner app that will scan the channels being used in your vicinity. You would be surprised at how crowded some are, which is why your internet speed is so slow. Once you have this info, simply log into your router’s web interface to select a new channel that is less popular but still works for you.

Get a boost

A WiFi booster is definitely another effective tweak that you can make to your router’s configuration – the SuperBoost unit shows what kind of tech you can buy to help here. In essence, units like this will give your Wi-Fi signal a lift and make it much stronger. This will help your router work quicker due to the increased signal it is receiving. The great thing about this hack is that it is very simple and easy to use – you do not need any technical knowledge whatsoever. It is just a case of buying the Wi-Fi booster and plugging it in.

Check out your security settings

We all know that online security is essential for protecting your sensitive personal data, but did you know that it also can affect your internet connection speed? If you have a slow connection, then take the time to see what security settings your router is currently using. If you have an open network, then this could be the problem. This makes it easy for hackers to use your Wi-Fi network and therefore clog it up with more traffic. To get around this, change the router settings to something more secure, such as WPA2 with AES.

Enable dynamic fragmentation

This may sound scary, but it is really not! Once more, you will need to log into your router web interface online to configure this option. In simple terms, this will help to split the data packets that your router deals with each day and thus make it work faster. If your router has the “Automatic Classification” option, then enable this to achieve the desired effect. This essentially allows your router to decide which data packets should get network priority and deal with them faster.

Tweak your router settings for blazing speeds

If you are finding that your router delivers lagging internet performance and slug-like speeds, then do not rush out to buy another one yet. It is worth trying out a few handy tweaks such as the ones shown above to help fix the problem first. This will not only save you money on buying a new one but will also help you to see the lightning-quick internet speeds you want. Before you know it, your home computer and smartphones will be delivering super-quick internet surfing and leave you totally satisfied. As the above hacks show, it does not need lots of technical expertise or know-how to pull off either.