July 18, 2024


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The benefits of customer advocacy (for the brand AND its advocates) - Foodee

Using the services of an Advocate from a Law Office in an effort to prevent legal problems that may arise and resolve legal problems that have occurred as a result of an act committed by Legal Subjects (Individuals and Legal Entities) is the right decision, because there are several benefits real, including

A. By always consulting with an advocate in every legal action, especially in business, it can prevent (prevent) the client (a person/legal entity) from legal problems in the future, at least the losses that may arise can be minimized

B. If a legal problem has occurred, then the handling can be more efficient and effective and the costs incurred will be more measurable because each operational cost and success fee will be agreed in detail in advance with an agreement between the Prospective Client and an Advocate according to the law and professional code of ethics. applies

C. By becoming a Permanent Client of an Advocate’s Office whose integrity has been tested (such information can be obtained from references to family/friends/relatives/media/etc), other more benefits will be obtained, namely

  1. Lower costs, because you don’t have to pay every time you need Legal Services from a Law Firm
  2. Your legal interests will be more secure, because with a permanent Legal Consultant, the Law Office will prioritize your Legal Handling
  3. The existence of permanent Law Offices for Individuals, as well as within Organizations, Companies including MSMEs, Foundations, Institutions and others will increase the credibility of the Personal, Business and Legal Entities that you lead in the eyes of customers, customers, consumers, business partners and of course relations. Besides that, it can also prevent and anticipate Other Parties/Third Parties to undo bad intentions to the Personal, Business and Legal Entities you lead because they know your legal interests have been protected by a professional and integrity Law Firm.

D. The benefits obtained by the Client (Individual/Legal Entity) can be described in general as follows

Non Litigation, including

a. Legal Advice

The Law Office provides legal advice both verbally and in writing on certain legal issues at the stages before or after company policies are implemented

b. Legal drafting

Law Office Make, examine and/or revise/perfect draft contracts and/or other documents that have Juridical consequences that apply in the relationship between the  Client and partners or other parties

c. Legal Opinion

The Law Office provides an opinion based on the evidence held by the parties and is also related to the Client’s position   “before the law”

d. Summons

The Law Office gives a written warning for the negligence or intentional act of another party which may or may result in harm to the  Client  due to non-fulfillment of an achievement

e. Negotiation

The Law Office makes maximum efforts to reach an agreement. In this case the effort to reach an agreement outside the Court which is part of an alternative effort to resolve a case faced by the  Client 

f. Legal Investigation

The Law Office examines, investigates, examines and then gives considerations regarding the condition of an object, especially regarding its status, position and legality according to law

Litigation, including

a. In criminal cases, the Law Office accompanies and defends the  Client at the level of investigation, prosecution and trial in the District Court.  Corporate lawyers Edmonton is the best choice for your business lawyer

b. In Civil and State Administrative cases, the Law Office represents and defends in the Court concerned

c. The Law Office prepares a lawsuit, a counterclaim, an exception/answer, a replica, a duplicate, a conclusion, a plea, examines witnesses and makes good documents according to the law

d. The Law Office submits a legal action for execution in the interests of the client for a Court decision that has permanent legal force ( In kracht Van Gewijs ) and/or on the basis of a document equivalent to the decision according to law

e. The Law Office filed a resistance ( Verzet) , intervention or rebuttal to a lawsuit that is not related to the  Client but is detrimental to the  Client 

f. The Law Office makes legal efforts at the Appeal, Cassation and extraordinary legal efforts/Review (PK), and so on

g. Provides several dispute resolution options in favorable situations in the best interests of the Client .