May 20, 2024


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The CloudTot packs smart features into a comfy co-sleeper


Josh Miller/CNET

Much ado has been made about wearable monitors for infants — and with some legitimacy. Infants are susceptible to apnea and SIDS, and if tech could reduce those risks, it’d be a big deal. The problem is, no one’s been able to prove monitors really help, mostly because research on the topic is nearly impossible.

Yet every year at CES, new gadgets come out to monitor children and reassure parents. The CloudTot is one of those devices, but it also includes some features that just make parenting an infant easier. And for $250 (converts to AU$340, £200), the co-sleeper isn’t as steep as many non-connected competitors on the market.

The CloutTot has three important smart features. First, it includes a speaker for emitting white noise, playing music and listening for the baby’s cries. You can control the speaker from the CloudTot app, which also will send you notifications if your child wakes up and cries during a nap in the other room.

The device also includes a pad that detects moisture, so if the child wets the bed, you’ll get an alert on the app. The materials are easily disentangled from the electronics, so you can put them all through the washer.

Finally, the CloudTot includes two “Pep pegs,” which prod the child if they sense no motion for twelve seconds. The logic behind the pegs is that autonomic functions (like breathing) are underdeveloped in young infants, so in deep sleep, they can essentially forget to breath. The Pep peg will gently prod the child to rouse them and encourage breathing again. The device will also notify a parent via the app.

The CloudTot will be available for preorder beginning in February 2017.

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