May 20, 2024


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Tips for Choosing the Best Barbershop for Today’s Men

I have  tips for choosing the best barbershop  for you men today who are very concerned about appearance. As we know that leadership plays an important role for every individual who already has a career or permanent job. A man in general will try to look as good as possible when he meets many people in the work and social environment.

Some of the factors of the following physical appearance are usually considered by today’s men, namely:


Clothes can be said to be the main thing that the interlocutor usually pays attention to when communicating with the man in front of him. Top and bottom suits combined with matching colors will certainly make the other person feel at home chatting longer.

Fashion without accessories is certainly not enough, so usually men will add accessories such as watches, belts and trendy shoes according to their fashion style. Guaranteed a man who is smart to mix and match clothes and accessories will look attractive in the eyes of the interlocutor.

Body fragrance

Who wants to be close to someone who has a problem with body odor? Of course, there’s no such thing, instead, everyone will stay away when communicating with someone, whether it’s a man or a woman who has problems with body odor.

Today’s men certainly don’t want to lose confidence just because of body odor problems, so the solution is to use deodorant or perfume when in the community.


Hair style is one factor that is no less important when a man is actively socializing with his friends. This is because there are individuals who feel confident when they have a contemporary hairstyle and follow the trends that are developing. For example, for example, the hairstyles of some Korean drama actors are currently being loved.

Still related to choosing a hairstyle, of course as a man you don’t want to be careless in choosing a barbershop or barbershop that will add to your handsomeness. To choose a barbershop with the best quality, of course there is a trick so that you don’t change barbershops.

Here are simple tips for you men today in choosing for the appearance of an increasingly cool hair:

1. Find out the portfolio about the Barbershop you are going to visit

Portfolio is the work of Barbershop in the form of hairstyles that have been done and who the customers are. It will be more of a plus if the Barbershop customer is a public figure. It’s an honor to go to a Barbershop recommended by public figures.

2. Choose a Barbershop that prioritizes cleanliness

I once accompanied my husband to get a haircut at one of the Barbershops in our city. The hair marks that were scattered on the floor and not immediately swept away made me not feel and told my husband not to come to that place again.

In some individuals, there are those who really prioritize cleanliness in a place, one of which is a Barbershop. If the Barbershop prioritizes cleanliness, of course we as customers will come back again.

3. Implement health protocols

In the past, when the pandemic started, almost all activities that required physical activity were prohibited, including shaving. This has resulted in some people preferring to shave their own hair for the safety and security of being exposed to the virus.

However, when the government implemented a new normal for all community activities, some people began to venture to the Barbershop to straighten their hair, which might have been neglected since the pandemic.

For those of you who want to go to a Barbershop, choose a Barbershop who is really disciplined in implementing health protocols. Health protocols in this case, such as continuing to wear masks and gloves for barbers. Customers are of course required to wear a mask when they are being shaved.