February 20, 2024


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What Can An Industrial Arm SBC Do For Your Graphics?

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As stated above, Industrial SBCs tend to outperform ATI and Nvidia GPUs on a variety of computer and graphics tasks. Let’s examine some of the aspects which industrial SBCs excel at.

  1. High-End OpenGL / OpenCL Applications

Modern games such as Far Cry, Grand Theft Auto, and other leading games on PC require professional-grade graphics card hardware to function at full flow. Here at Bitwig we strive to provide the best technology and features for the best potential performance. Our Arm SBC’s have OpenGL 2.0 and OpenCL 2.0 drivers which provide a significant performance boost in some highly popular games. Below are some of the games that it is highly recommended that you use it.

What Can An Industrial Arm SBC Do For Your Graphics Card Or Gaming PC?

The idea of a low cost, low power, inexpensive SLI-like graphics card that allows you to “add an additional GPU” for a more aggressive performance boost is one of the best features in the SBC industry right now. If you’re currently using a computer with a traditional SLI setup, and you’re looking for a way to squeeze more performance from your graphics card by having a second graphics card “use” the same power and CPU resources, these graphics card add-on cards might just be what you’re looking for.

There is a common misconception in the graphics card industry that “many” companies offer high-end SLI solutions. This is simply not the case. We understand the risks associated.

We feel like we have covered what is possible from an industrial design standpoint, but what does it really mean for a graphics card? Well, let’s break down how industrial designs use SBCs in terms of actual features, which is actually a great way to prepare for a lot of the questions that you will be asked, which comes from this infographic by VGLC.

Typically, industrial users ask us what features will provide the biggest performance benefits to their business. Let’s break down those, and if we can, we will also talk about something the SBC might be useful for in our latest video showing off two new graphics cards and their industrial design.

Access those PC games and software library games for your workstation or desktop PC easily, enjoy the quality of your workstation or desktop PC to the fullest and last for the times of your life.

The SBC not only creates a central unit, but works as a central integrated unit and gives a very clean and modern design to your workstation or desktop PC or SLA.

The SBC provides users with plenty of features that can be used by individuals to control your PC graphics system.

So, what can you do with the SBC?

Create various profiles for users to select

Open the quality control software like G-Tune software to check the graphics card performance.

What Can An Industrial Arm SBC Do For Your Graphics Pipeline?

Modern, mainstream computers contain hundreds of integrated graphics chips. These chips can do many different things and can do them well, but there is always the occasional hassle with things not working as they should. A really high-end discrete graphics card can have a lot of these components. This can be a limiting factor in a graphics card’s performance, but the integrated graphics card makes it much easier to add a new graphics pipeline for a new game.

First, you need to know what hardware your rig needs for your intended level of performance. Are you using a lower-end graphics card? A mid-range card that doesn’t support much in the way of multiprocessing? For maximum performance, you will need a Haswell-based graphics card with a quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM.

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