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Creative Kitchen Cabinet Ideas We’re Obsessed With

Once placed near dining tables, your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off it while you serve them graciously. Let us help you out by explaining the kind of kitchen cabinets and racks you can find at Urban Ladder. This style of kitchen furniture design is perfect for people who love the concept of minimalism but can’t help craving a bit of comfort in the traditional style of furniture. The transitional style mixes modern elements along with traditional furniture styles.

Midtown White Shaker

The kitchen should complement the rest of your home, so choose what you love. For example, use a low sheen such as matte or eggshell on the walls, then opt for a semi-gloss or high-gloss sheen on the cabinets. The way light reflects off each surface will create understated contrast, even though you are only painting with one color. From cooking to socializing, keeping your kitchen cabinets looking beautiful is a design essential for discerning homeowners. Wall cabinets today extend to the ceiling, making use of high-up space for storing infrequently used specialty serving-ware and cookware.

Midtown Light Grey Shaker

The KNOKSHULT series is high -quality kitchen furniture at affordable prices. Choose a kitchen set and complement it with suitable handles to create a unique style. If you’ve got space between your cabinets and your ceiling, you’ve got storage. Add wicker baskets and it’s the perfect spot to keep lesser-used tools.

Your perfect wooden kitchen almirah design, no matter what your design sensibilities, can be found on Urban Ladder. When you keep all these considerations in mind before ordering your cabinet, the end result will be getting to enjoy a clean, organised and exquisite kitchen space. Lastly, if it’s just an addition to your already finished kitchen, make sure that your selected furniture space does not go against the finished decor of your kitchen. 4 Door – Showcase what you want and store everything else in this tall kitchen rack.

Like putting a wooden contemporary kitchen almirah design against white walls and stone flooring. It can play vice-versa too, creating a subtle yet dramatic Aljay Cabinets effect. Treated and finished cabinet interiors are another significant feature of Q12 as they produce a clear statement of quality and attention to detail.

White is available across all cabinets, whilst light-grey oak is available with ready-assembled and handleless units. The natural-oak shade is only available on our ready-made cabinetry. Handleless cupboards come pre-notched to make it quick and simple to transform slab or shaker design into a handle-free style. A variety of sizes and colours are available to help you create a custom look in your space – all of which can accommodate a metal trim that can be used to create a linear design scheme.

This cabinetry offers the widest selection of colours and sizes making it easy to create a bespoke design that fits your space and layout. Curved units are also available to create a soft, flowing look in a space. Our attractive Shaker style Kitchen Cabinet Doors are ideal for replacing old kitchen doors, available in a range of different sizes. Choose from a variety of kitchen cabinets including wall & base cabinets, corner cabinets and larder units.