June 18, 2024


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3 Pro Tips to Rank High in Local Searches

Local SEO in 2017: 5 simple ways to dominate local search

Local search engine optimization (SEO) tools are often problematic for small businesses. However, mastering it could increase your business’ foot traffic exponentially. In this post, you will find useful practices from the best SEO companies in Los Angeles.

Increase your digital presence

It is important to curate your business presence online. From the post in your web to the content, it is displayed in the reviews. Also, try to include local keywords in your posts to optimize your results.

Local businesses tend to follow the old principle of posting as much as possible, believing that by doing it, they will escalate position in the search engine algorithm. Nevertheless, this is no longer true. The algorithm has evolved in such a manner that it benefits quality over quantity. If you focus on presenting reliable and engaging information, the algorithm will pick up your site over others. in your post, always prioritize quality over quantity.

Moreover, it is also essential to review the aesthetics of your digital presence. As of today, it is most common to use mobile devices to use the internet. The same applies to search engines. Therefore, you should make an effort to made all your platforms amicable with all the screen sizes.

Physical presence

The second recommendation to make your business more visible in the search engines is related to the physical location. Many studies are affirming that for customers primarily search for the address and phone number of the local. Therefore, it is of the foremost importance that your business information appears accurate and consistent throughout all the platforms. The name, phone number, and address of your business have to be the same all over the internet. By using Google for business, you can foster the uniformity of your business information on the web.

Besides, use other platforms. Do not reduce your business only to google or apple maps. According to your type of business, you can benefit from using different platforms like Yelp or TripAdvisor. Expand your presence as much as possible, but always remember to preserve the quality over the quantity.

One of the secrets of the best SEO companies in Los Angeles is to relate posts with key local sites, like famous plazas, events, or places. Indeed, if your business’ position can include local information or events, the higher the chances to be noticed by the algorithm in the area. Besides, by using this technique, you are positioning your local in the community digital sphere.


Now that your business has been able to produce quality posts and be present in the community, it is time to further relations with the community and the clients. Although it is sometimes overlooked, reviews are an excellent marketing tool. Encourage your customer to leave reviews, and use to communicate appreciation to then and to other clients. Using this technic, you will generate a sense of belonging with the community while increasing the positive content online.

Most of the communities have any sort of traditional media company, such as the local tv station of a newspaper. Make yourself and your business available to this media. Exposure is always good and will make your business search increase in digital platforms.


To make your business shine in the search engines should not be a complicated matter. First, favor quality over quantity in your digital presence. Second, be consistent in your business information. Third, create engagement scenarios with your customer and community. Lastly, use the traditional local media to make your business known to the broader community, thus promoting online searches.