June 17, 2024


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6 Gaming Room Setup Ideas for Smaller Spaces

Your home office isn’t the only room that needs organization and space management. Just like your work station, an organized and neat gaming room is ideal for you to enjoy exploring various worlds, getting treasure, and leveling up. Before you think you’ll need a separate room to fulfill your gaming paradise dreams, here are six gaming setup ideas you can do for your cozy bedroom or studio condo unit.

Convert Your Top Bunk into a Gaming Room

You’ve most likely seen that viral photo of a gaming setup where the PC and consoles are organized under a floating bed. While they are the epitome of a cozy and tidy gaming setup, it might take you ages to achieve that since you have to build a floating bed and expand floor space to house all your gaming equipment.

Build a bunk-like gaming set up by converting the top deck into your gaming space and using the lower bunk as your sleeping quarters. Add a wall fan to ventilate your PC and console. Using the top bunk also allows you to build a gaming zone without heavily remodeling your bedroom.

Mount Your Monitor and Console on the Wall

Ditch the television table to give you more elbow room. Instead, mount your screen and console on the wall to save floor space. You can do this set up in your bedroom if you have a spacious wall across your bed. Some one-bedroom units in Amaia Skies Shaw have a wall placed in front of the bed where tenants can mount a television, controllers, gaming console, and cables to keep things organized.

Place a Floating Desk

Below your mounted screen, place a floating desk to hold your CPU and keyboard. This setup is ideal if your wall doesn’t have enough room to store your gaming devices vertically. Likewise, your floating desk doubles as a work desk and a PC gaming station. 

Display Vertically

As a gamer, you want to showcase your physical game library. It is pleasing to see your favorite game titles neatly displayed on a shelf along with your other gaming trinkets. Since not everything will fit on your floating desk, add floating shelves so you can neatly arrange your games, action figures, gaming accessories, and other equipment. Place your floating shelves close to your top-bunk so you can easily access the game you want to play.

Organize Your Cables and Cords

While maximizing your vertical storage space to organize your game library and equipment allows you to have more room to breathe and walk, it is also crucial to keep your floors clear of cords and cables. Just like your screen, mount your extension cords and cables on the wall to keep them from tangling with each other on the floor.  If you can’t secure them to your wall, use containers to hold your cords to avoid tripping on them.

Use Furniture with Hidden Storage

Use furniture with hidden storage to neatly keep your games and gaming equipment. Opt for chairs that double as storage boxes or beds with drawers underneath to hide your game collection and protect them from dust and damage from moisture. Likewise, you’ll quickly achieve a minimalist gaming setup with little effort.

Overall, a well-organized gaming corner creates the perfect environment for you to enjoy gaming and focus on finishing your quests and looting treasure. Consider these six gaming setup ideas to maximize your cozy space for your game time.