May 23, 2024


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Cloud Managed Network Service

Many benefits can be obtained from using this cloud-managed networks service including scalability, this one benefit is one of the practical values ​​that the service has, namely there is no need to add or buy additional equipment when increasing storage capacity such as hard drives and so on. Accessibility is the most sought after benefit for internet service users, namely being able to easily access the data needed in the service anywhere and anytime as long as they are connected to an internet connection.

And this is one thing that is very suitable and important in the lifestyle of today’s society which is full of convenience or often known as the internet, which holds the world as a metaphor for easy things because of the performance of the internet connection.

The security of data storage through this online service is indeed able to guarantee the security of all stored data. As previously explained, this is a secure service because it involves a personal account and password. So that it can only be accessed with that account. Meanwhile, other benefits that can be felt or obtained can be called creations, this is an important highlight where there is direct creative development through cloud applications. This is a form of an effort to improve various applications or software in storing innovative files or data.

In using cloud managed sdn networks services as a storage option for personal data or certain databases, it can avoid the anxiety of data owners. Because the positive side of this storage system is also closely related to storage resilience, this online data storage can avoid data damage or loss of data even during disruptions such as disasters and so on. Because this datastore is not a physical data store. But the most important thing in this storage is the existence of an internet connection that must be adequate. This is required during the storage process as well as the access process so that it will always be safe and can be accessed through their respective personal storage connections.