February 20, 2024


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A first timer’s guide to moving out on your own

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The first time you move out is both an exciting and a nerve-racking stage. It’s a sign that you’re heading towards a major chapter in your life.

Here’s your guide to making sure that you start a good life on your own.   

1. Ready your finances

If you move out on your own, you need to budget better and care about your finances more. You need to know your net by subtracting your monthly expenses from your monthly income. When working on a budget for your new home, start listing the actual needs such as groceries, utility bills, car, etc. This helps you know how much you can afford as apartment rent. Also, include in the move-out planning the cost of moving companies and the like. Thus, before your move-out day, you need to save up a lot to make sure the transition goes smoothly for you. 

2. Have a steady job

Since you’re starting out, you are most likely to be in an entry-level position. The pay may not be that attractive for you yet, but use this stage as a chance to show off your talent and improve your career. If your job can’t let you afford the rent, you may want to think twice about fleeing the nest.

3. Find a suitable place to live

There are numerous options, and you need to find a place that best suits your budget and preferences. You can easily find places for rent online, be it in social media or Craigslist. You can go for off plan properties in Dubai or Port de la mer by meraas or compare Emaar Beachfront prices to find the best match.

4. Hire a reliable moving company

You might skip hiring professional movers hoping to save cash, but you might actually just end up regretting the decision as the whole thing is just more tiring and troublesome than you think. With a professional moving company, you don’t have to worry about the major details anymore. Include this in your budget to make your first-time experience more positive. 

5. Practice good habits before you move out

You might not be used to doing chores as you’re used to living the easy life with your parents, but now that you’re on the verge of having to jump into the next phase, you need to practice good habits beforehand. These include cleaning, budgeting, spending, and daily-routine habits that can make your first days and weeks alone much smoother. 

As long as you prepare, you’re bound to make the whole shift much more enjoyable and way less daunting.