March 4, 2024


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Apple WWDC 2020: What to expect

It’s a couple of weeks late compared to last year, but Apple’s WWDC is here – this is the second biggest event in Apple’s calendar and is all about new OS versions and new Mac releases. Here’s what (we think) is coming.

WWDC 2020: What to expect

iOS 14

iOS 14 – actually, this may be renamed “iPhoneOS” to match the tablet’s “iPadOS” – is expected to change the look of the home screen. It will enable List view with different sorting and filtering options (e.g. apps with unread notifications first).

The new version may also enable home screen widgets. These are seemingly distinct from the widgets that are currently available in the notification center. Also, there’s talk of third-party wallpaper packs.

iMessage should gain a mention system, e.g. using @john to notify a specific person in a group chat (even if the chat is muted). Typing indications, the ability to delete sent messages and an option to mark a message as “unread” are other rumored features for the new version.

Safari is gaining a built-in translation feature, the Podcast app will be updated with a For You section for personalized recommendations, also iOS 14 may bring a new AR app (Apple is reportedly working on a secretive AR/VR headset).

Apple is taking its fitness offerings to a new level. It will offer guided workouts that you will be able to download on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple TV.

Perhaps the biggest game-changer of all new features will be third-party Default apps – finally, you will be able to change which browser opens links from e.g. emails, your music app, the mail client and so on.

WWDC 2020: What to expect

iOS 14 will be available on all phones running iOS 13.

watchOS 7

The Apple Watch will get a fresh new look on its own home screen. Rumors claim that you will be able to create watch faces from photos, use country flags or the new “Infograph Pro” watch face, which will feature a tachymeter. The new OS will also allow users to share their watch face configurations with one another.

To go with the new focus on fitness, watchOS 7 will add support for blood-oxygen tracking (aka SpO2). It’s not clear which Apple Watch models will support it, though. The control center will have a toggle for sleep mode.

Also, the new version is expected to bring parental control features that will let parents use their phone to manage the child’s watch. Schooltime will limit which apps are available during specific hours.

iMac and Mac OS 10.16

Last year’s WWDC brought a new Mac Pro, this year the focus may be on a new iMac. It will reportedly feature iPad Pro-like design, an AMD Navi GPU and a T2 security chip. The fusion drive will reportedly be dropped (in favor of an all-SSD solution).

Apple will almost certainly announce MacOS 10.16, but we know basically nothing about it.

ARM-powered Macs?

This move has been rumored for about as long as Apple has designed its own chipsets. We likely won’t see a finished product, but the team from Cupertino is expected to announce plans of ARM-powered Macs in the future.

Again, this rumor has come and gone so many times while Apple has continued using Intel CPUs, so a dose of skepticism is appropriate here.


Be on the lookout for over-the-ear AirPods as well as a “lite” version of the AirPods Pro model.

Apple AirTags are expected to take advantage in new Bluetooth technology supported in Apple’s latest hardware that allows the phone to detect direction, not just the distance to the tag.

Other rumors claim that Apple will reveal the HomePod 2 and a new Apple TV (there will definitely be a new tvOS version). The long-forgotten Airpower may be brought back from the dead as new reports claim that Apple got it working with the Apple Watch.

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