July 23, 2024


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Build Your Children’s Confidence With Scuba Diving

Build Your Children’s Confidence With Scuba Diving

Children are smart and they usually figure out long before us parents do that they don’t like soccer, basketball or even baseball. Maybe they don’t like it because they have figured out they aren’t good at it or they physically aren’t built for it. If a child doesn’t like football, baseball or soccer it will be difficult for them to stay interested in the sport. That’s where scuba diving comes in to play.

Scuba diving levels the playing field literally and physically. When scuba diving the diver is horizontal, making us all the same height, leveling the playing field dramatically. Some of the physical attributes that are advantages on solid ground are not necessarily advantages underwater. For example a tall person doesn’t have an advantage over a short person. In fact, in many cases the smaller scuba divers air supply lasts longer, therefore giving the smaller diver the advantage of staying underwater longer known as bottom time. A longer bottom time is the desire of all scuba divers. But it can work both ways. I heard a famous retired NFL defensive lineman say that at an early age it was obvious that his daughter was going to be too tall to be a gymnast so they got her into swimming sports. It isn’t scuba diving but it’s an example of how underwater adventures can level the playing field.

Imagine the confidence scuba diving could have in your children’s life, the pride they could have in saying “I am a scuba diver”. The fact that they are doing something the other kids in class aren’t doing. More importantly think of the bonding experience you and your children will have scuba diving together compared to dad and mom standing on the side line watching. There is nothing wrong with watching your children playing sports, but why watch when you could be having the time of your life while building your children’s confidence. The confidence children build in themselves will serve them well later in life when difficult situations arise. They will have the confidence to face the situation with assurance that they will succeed. People who scuba dive together refer to each other as dive buddies. The term dive buddies is given through earned trust. For parents and children to refer to each other as dive buddies means there is a trust between them, a trust that children will remember when they have difficult decisions to make in the future.

Start building your children’s confidence and enjoy underwater adventures together now. More importantly start your bonding experience with them and making memories that will last forever. Sharing underwater adventures opens a line of communication with children that will last a lifetime.