June 18, 2024


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Cheap Mobile Mysteries – What is WAP?


WAP stands for Wireless application protocol and is said to be the open international standard in a wireless communication environment and is used for application layer network communications.

Phones WAP is found on:

WAP is found on all cellular phones that supports mobile web no matter what brand it is as it especially designed to support mobile web from a mobile phone or from PDA.

Problems with WAP:

There are several SIM’s in the market that does not support WAP, so it’s better to identify whether you SIM supports WAP or not. Another problem people face is that their phone memory is not enough to navigate through various pages or the script is usually not supported. It may happen because the cell phone model that supports WAP is of older model.

Benefits of WAP:

WAP allows you to access internet from your cell phone (if WAP is enabled). You can browse the internet and all the websites that you usually do from your PC or Laptop without any difference. Even nowadays companies give special packages for the internet usage from the cell phone which is also very much cost effective and hence allowing you to access internet from any place you want.

Setting up WAP:

Setting up WAP on any WAP supported mobile phones is very easy; you just have to go into the settings and configure it as defined by your network provider or simply you can just contact your GSM or CDMA providers customer support center, they will send you the WAP settings that will update your WAP settings in your cell phone automatically.

FAQ before buying a cell phone:

Before buying a mobile phone you should ask the dealer about its warranty, as well as its functions. If you are interested in using internet from your cell phone than it is very important to ask about its WAP settings and other things related to WAP that how can you adjust the settings as well as how would you be able to get full functionality and benefits from WAP.

Tips for Reader:

After reading all that a reader would now have the basic understanding of WAP as well as its benefits, usage, problems that he might face while using WAP, setup procedure of WAP in your GSM or CDMA phone as well as the questions he need to ask when buying a cell phone and is willing to use WAP on that cell phone.