July 15, 2024


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Cheap Wyze security camera is sneaky-good

The $30 Wyze Cam Pan is by far the least-expensive security camera I’ve ever tested. Given that, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But it kinda rocks.

The Wyze Cam has free cloud storage, optional local storage (a microSD card isn’t included), free motion-detection zones, integration with Amazon Alexa voice commands and more. The pricier Amazon Cloud Cam and Nest Cam Indoor don’t even offer all of these features for free. Strongly consider the Wyze Cam Pan if you’re looking for a cheap 1080p HD indoor home-security camera with plenty of features and decent performance.

This camera is only available in the United States; it converts to roughly £25 and AU$40 at the current exchange rate. 

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Same features, much less expensive

The first thing I noticed about this camera is that it has the same design and features as the $150 iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep and the $200 iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep Pro at a fraction of the price. Yes, the Wyze Cam Pan is a white plasticky cube, but that’s perfectly fine considering you’re paying just $30 for it.

The camera sets up quickly via the app and comes with an included power adapter. Your purchase doesn’t include mounting hardware, however there is a built-in screw hole if you want to buy a separate mount. 

The Wyze app could use a redesign, mainly because it looks a little outdated, but it worked well enough on both iOS and Android to serve its purpose — checking in on the live feed, viewing saved clips and adjusting any settings as needed. 

That combination of customization and features is typically reserved for more-expensive cameras like Amazon’s Cloud Cam and the Nest Cam Indoor. Check out the chart below to see how they all stack up side-by-side. 

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