July 17, 2024


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Extracting BKF Files From a Corrupted Computer Laptop

Extracting BKF Files From a Corrupted Computer Laptop

Imagine a situation where a person using a laptop with Windows XP for the past many years faces a serious technical problem and the laptop corrupts suddenly. If he had been using the Windows backup utility to save his data in .bkf files, then the question that would haunt him now would be – How to extract his BKF data from the corrupted laptop? Now, another action of the user that further complicated the matter was the purchase of an all together different platform not recognizing or dealing with BKF. The only possible solution for transferring the old BKF files onto the new machine that could occur to any normally thinking person is by procuring a clone/dummy PC laptop to restore the old.bkf files and then manually copying all the required files to save/move them back onto the external hard drive, and then finally hopping them over to the newer computer platform. This whole process seems totally tedious, tiresome and crazy! Surely users tend to find some other easier way to go about it.

If any person had been backing up his data on Windows OS backup and then shifted to a non-Windows platform, then he will not be able to restore that BKF data because those files are specific to only Windows and will not work on a non-Windows platform. One easier way out can be to install XP on the new system (non-Windows platform) and then restore all required data to the installed XP and thus have full access to all the crucial files.

But, if a user is restrained to spend money on Windows XP, then how to extract BKF files from the old system and how to save them on the new system? In such scenario, the user has a cost-effective way of extracting BKF files is by using a Windows Backup recovery software tool to repair BKF files and to extract BKF data one any available system with Windows environment and then put it on a Flash drive to transfer to the new platform that he has purchased. This can be done at a comparatively lower price than that spent in purchasing Windows XP.

One promising software solution that has the potential of being the most helpful tool for BKF recovery is SysTools BKF Repair.