Huawei sub-brand Honor has announced that it will begin rolling out the Magic UI 3.0 update for the Honor 20, 20 Pro, and View 20 starting March 15. It will also gradually release EMUI 10 for the 9X.

Additionally, Honor said that Magic UI 3.0 for Honor 10, 10 Lite, 20 Lite, 8X, 9X Pro and V10 is under testing phase, but didn’t share any timeline for its rollout.

The Magic UI 3.0 comes with a new UX design that lets users navigate their smartphones more comfortably while minimizing the visual fatigue and increasing the legibility. Besides, the color saturation on the Magic UI 3.0 is fine-tuned for consistency between the normal mode and dark mode.

The Magic UI 3.0 also comes with enhanced visual elements and enables seamless smart office experience with multi-screen collaboration.

Honor has made some improvements in the photography department as well and users can now implement filters from the viewfinder even before taking the shot.

The camera app also boasts a modern look and makes it easier to zoom in on objects.

On the security front, the devices running Magic UI 3.0 will be safeguarded through the self-developed Trusted Execution Environment OS, and there will be support for app sandboxing.

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