June 13, 2024


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How can I get backlinks opportunity?

How to Get Backlinks (15 Quick and Simple Strategies)

Personally I do not spend any time whatsoever on off-site ranking factors. I work on business web sites, normal stuff not meant to get anybody rich quick but intended to get a market share of the qualified traffic available from keywords and keyword phrase searches specific to the products or services that ther normal business web site offers.

From years of experience in “white hat SEO”, in order to highly position web pages, a business Internet marketing strategy usually needs a combination of three components:

  a general web site that is easy to navigate and well-optimized (highly crafted content, good internal linking structure, optimized tags and attributes, logically named images and web pages …)

  a somewhat separate evolving corporate blog

  an ongoing social media campaign

These three components are integrated, cross referencing each using anchor links (textual links), they share the same look and feel, have the same logos etc. This is itself is sufficient in appeasing the search engine and the best part is thatr it is all fully in my control. It is difficult to base on SEO strategy on things that are beyond my control. The key to good SEO is to build from scratch and then keep it updated with fresh content. If other web site designers chose to link to my stuff that’s great but unlikely. Often I read how “related” or “relevant” links are the best type of backlinks to acquire. Sure, that makes sense but if I have a service most web site owners of similar or same industry will be reluctant to link to a competitor web sites. Sell backlinks online here.

You find that out after wasting a couple of weeks finding the keyphrase competitorsand sending them linking requests. That’s why I don’t bother begging or buying for links. Also a main modern ranking factor is the concept of localization. If my web site is about a Vancouver construction company I surely want to search engine to know that I am doing my business in Vancouver. My web pages will be rewarded for searches deriving from the area. Taking the time to fill out and optimize things like Google+ business pages and Facebook Fan Pages will help rank web pages tremendously for local searches. 

Posting from an IP address within my business jurisdiction, having the web pages hosted on local servers can also be triggers validating the importance of my pages. A final ranking factor of importance is the significance of establishing long term trust between my Internet marketing strategy and the search engine. It is so incredibly rediculous to assume that if I start a brand new business web site and launch it then somehow get a completely disproportional amount of external links pointing to my new creation that the search engine will be convinced that my web site is legitimate and everybody loves it so it therefore should rank well. Ludicrous. The search engine has seen this type of strategy zillions of time. It doesn’t work anymore that way.

Build soundly and let it grow in the most natural fashion. For legitimate business web sites, chasing links is a pointless, wasteful and unpredictable pursuit.