June 18, 2024


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How to choose a hat that fits your face shape

Best Hat for Face Shape - Picking a Hat for Head Size

How to choose a hat that fits your face shape , there are hats that don’t have all face shapes, therefore hats will provide knowledge and references for you so that you can use a hat that fits your face shape.

There is a convection of a hat that looks very nice and cool on the mannequin, but when it is worn, the hat is completely unsatisfactory. Then, you start to think that all hats look weird or silly in your head. However, now is the time to change your mind and try again. By choosing a good hat according to the shape of your face, your appearance will be more stylish and stand out.

If you have a long face shape, it is better to choose a hat with a round and flat brim like a boater or panama hat. Hats with this shape can disguise a long chin so that the face looks fit and proportional. Avoid wearing a fedora hat because it can make your face seem longer and wider.

Oval Face

You can be said to be lucky if you have an oval-shaped face because all types of hats will look suitable and all you have to do is choose the size and shape according to your taste. However, the recommended hat shape for those of you who have an oval face is a hat with a round model like a bowler hat. In addition, a beanie hat with knitted material or a beanie hat can also be used as a reference for men with oval faces. Do not use a hat that has a large size because it will make your face look closed or drowned.You should but brand from pitbullcap.com, recommended for you. 

Square Face

Many say that someone who has a square face is usually famous for his fierce nature, so many who have a square face use a hat to cover it. Well, the hats that are suitable for you who have a square face are hats that have rounded edges such as floppy, bowler and boater hats. This hat model will make the face look softer because the firm corners on the face will be covered and more rounded. A baseball cap-shaped hat is also suitable because it can create a sporty and dynamic impression.

Round face

Those of you who have a round face will be suitable to use a fedora hat or fedora hat. Because, if you wear this hat, your face can look longer and slimmer. You should avoid using a hat with a beanie and bowler model because it can make your face look rounder.

Heart Face

A heart-shaped face is actually not much different from an oval-shaped face. The difference between these two face shapes is actually the heart face shape, which is more pointed at the chin and wider at the forehead. If you have a face with a heart shape, you should not wear a hat that can make your chin look sharper and longer. A hat with a cloche hat model will be more suitable because it can help disguise a wide forehead and a rather long and pointed chin.