July 15, 2024


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Huawei P40 trio suppliers list mentions LG next to BOE for the display panels

Huawei revealed the real P40 family of smartphones this Thursday with three new devices on the roster joining the already available P40 lite, which has little in common with its high-end siblings other than the name. We got to review the P40 Pro in detail, spend some hands-on time with the P40 proper, and we’re waiting for a chance to see the P40 Pro+ with its amazing 10x zoom periscope cam.

Huawei P40 Pro display and front camera assembly
P40 Pro rear camera cluster

Huawei P40 Pro display and front camera assembly • P40 Pro rear camera cluster

In the meantime, we get to examine a list of suppliers Huawei’s worked with on the P40s, to the best of our ability to decode a low-res image with text in Chinese. Starting with the key bits, the P40 Pro and P40 Pro+ use camera sensors exclusively from Sony. Meanwhile, the vanilla P40 has Sony imagers too but also lists another supplier which our detective skills led us to believe is Will Semiconductor – a Chinese company that recently acquired US-based OmniVision – so Sony and OmniVision imagers on the P40, likely.

List of Huawei P40 trio component suppliers

List of Huawei P40 trio component suppliers

The list of camera module suppliers is a lot more varied with names like Sunny Optical, Ophelia (Ofilm), Luxshare Precision, and Q Technology on it.

For the acoustic components, presumably speakers, microphones and such, GoerTek and AAC Technologies pitched in.

According to the source, the displays of the three phones are supplied by Chinese BOE Technology and Korean LG Display. Previously, BOE CEO stated that its company is the exclusive provider of panels for the entire P40 lineup so we’re not quite sure what to make of that. There’s no distinction being made between the models in the table above, so there could be some mix and matching involved after all.

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