April 25, 2024


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Motorola just dropped a whole bunch of promo videos on the new Edge and Edge+

Motorola just added an interesting little twist to the online reveal event recipe. While we were all waiting for a video stream, detailing the new Motorola Edge and Edge+, what we got instead was a server failing to cope with the traffic and an unresponsive Motorola website.

Once it got back up we saw a couple of new product pages and a bunch of videos dedicated to its new flagships.

Anyway, we now have a few official videos to enjoy. Beyond your typical short and sweet, ad-style promo clips for the new phones, we also get some more detail on the design process, as well as some specific aspects of the Edge+.

This two-minute-long highlight reel seems to cover all the basics, so you can give that a quick watch if you are in a hurry. It basically goes through the key design aspects of the Edge+.

Beyond that, there are also a bunch of other topical short videos. In no particular order, we have clips covering the new Motorola curved display. A 6.7-inch, AMOLED, 90Hz panel, going by the “Endless Edge” marketing name.

Also, snippets with praise towards things like the 5,000 mAh battery. Which, apparently, according to Motorola, int the largest currently on a 5G phone.

The stereo speaker setup gets its own little slice of time underneath the spotlight. And we can’t fail to praise Motorola for the inclusion of the trusty-old 3.5mm jack on both Motorola Edge models.

But, understandably, the Edge+’s modern camera setup will probably be getting more attention. You are looking at a 108MP, f/1.8, OIS, quad-Bayer main snapper, alongside an 8MP, OIS telephoto and a 16MP ultrawide. The vanilla Motorola Edge does come with some downgrades in this department, substituting a 64MP main camera.

You can get more details on that and other changes, like the Snapdragon 756G processor swap in our announcement news for the pair.


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