February 21, 2024


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Reasons to Migrate from Shared Hosting to Cloud Hosting

Reasons to Migrate from Shared Hosting to Cloud Hosting ~ Want2Host

There are several web hosting services available in the market today to host your e-commerce website. When you started out with web hosting, you might have chosen a Shared Web Hosting solution that is economical and ideal for hosting new websites. However, Shared Hosting architecture is the best for smaller websites or static websites. Once your website starts gaining traffic and you add more dynamic elements to it, you will need a higher hosting plan that accommodates a dynamic site and traffic.

This is where Cloud Web Hosting can serve as the perfect upgrade. Several hosting providers offer reliable Cloud Hosting in India for improved performance, guaranteed uptime, and easy scalability.

In Cloud-based Hosting, the site data is hosted on a network of cloud-based servers. As a result, Cloud Hosting facilitates a unique hosting architecture compared to traditional hosting solutions, such as Dedicated, Shared, and VPS Hosting. This unique architecture is responsible for the speed, scalability, security, and reliability of the websites hosted on it. 

Let us look at some more reasons why you should migrate from a Shared Hosting environment to a Cloud Hosting Solution for your website.

1.      Higher Reliability

Cloud Hosting offers enhanced website reliability by hosting websites on multiple servers. If a server inside the cloud cluster fails or crashes, another server takes over and hosts your website, keeping it available and accessible to your customers. Moreover, this process is so instantaneous that your website will not experience any downtime or performance lags during the takeover, thus maintaining its reliability and enhancing user experience.

2.    Enhanced Performance

Cloud Server Hosting is unbeatable when it comes to website performance. Several reliable Cloud Server providers offer hosting solutions, where the Cloud Server is powered by Solid State Drives (SSDs). SSDs provide super-fast read and write speeds, high performance, and reliability than traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). In addition, since SSDs consist of no moving parts, they eliminate the risk of hardware failure or wear and tear. Thus, a seamless and smooth functioning SSD Cloud Server provides enhanced website performance.

3.      Flexibility and On-demand Scalability

Cloud Web Hosting allows you to scale up or down your server’s resources as per your website’s requirements. For example, when you anticipate high website traffic during peak seasons or sales, you can add more resources to your server and remove them when the demand reduces. Such a flexible and scalable hosting solution significantly saves time, money, and effort. 

4.      Affordable and Flexible Pricing Structure

Cloud Hosting lets you leverage the one-click scalability option for cost-effectiveness. This means you do not have to buy a lot of server resources at once. Instead, you can buy a basic plan with minimal resources and scale up as and when the situation demands. This makes Cloud Server Hosting a cost-effective solution for businesses as compared to a Shared Hosting solution.

5.      Better Security

Several Cloud Hosting providers in India have now upgraded their security protocols and technologies associated with Cloud Hosting to secure applications and databases and eliminate the risks of malware, DDoS attacks, and other online threats. Also, data encryption is being used to secure private and confidential data on websites.

Summing Up

Cloud Server Hosting is an efficient and ideal web hosting solution for many small, medium, and growing businesses. It offers multiple features, such as high performance, uptime, scalability, flexibility, and security, at an affordable price. Therefore, do your research and choose a suitable Cloud Hosting in India from a reliable hosting provider for your website’s high performance and security.