February 21, 2024


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Report: Apple reignites development of the AirPower charging mat

Remember the AirPower charging mat? Apple first announced it back in 2017 and it would be able to simultaneously charge an iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch, regardless of where on the mat you place these items. Apple was overzealous about this product, so much so that it didn’t realize the hurdles it would eventually face in attempts to develop such a charging mat.

The AirPower mat would require many coils to be placed throughout the mat as to let users place their wireless-charging Apple products pretty much wherever on its surface. The challenge that Apple would eventually faced, as previously reported, was that the overlapping design of the charging coils would heat up too much as it observed in testing prototypes. Thus, 18 months after its announcement, Apple officially announced it was cancelling the project.

Report: Apple reignites development of the AirPower charging mat

Almost one year later, rumors about the cancelled AirPower charging mat have once again begun swirling. Founder of Front Page Tech, Jon Prosser, reports that the AirPower project has been revived, though internally. According to his Tweet, none of Apple’s current prototypes work with the Apple Watch, and this is the company’s biggest challenge.

The same Tweet denies any guarantee that Apple would ever finalize and release the AirPower mat. Still, Apple is adamant that it can overcome the challenge of adding support for the Apple Watch to its existing prototype, without the coils heating up too much.

Report: Apple reignites development of the AirPower charging matOriginal patent of Apple’s AirPower mat

Given that this is only a report – whose author doesn’t guarantee the desired outcome – we’d suggest you take this rumor report with a generous amount of skepticism.

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