YH Eom, CEO of Samsung Electronics America, just announced that the company will temporarily be closing all of its US stores, effective immediately. The Company’s Canadian branch put out a similar statement.

While it is sad to witness another major business succumb to the COVID-19 crisis, it is also really encouraging to see proactive reactions to the situation all-round. Samsung is far from the only company to take drastic steps and temporarily close brick and mortar locations.

Even within the industry, such moves have been fairly common, with Apple notably recently doing the same and even later doubling-down on the measure, making it last “until further notice”. And that is despite the fact that Cupertino now has a bunch of new devices, customers might want to check-out in person.

Samsung is in pretty much the same boat, when it comes to the “experience” part of its physical locations and the Galaxy S20 line.

The good news is closing physical stores does not mean actually closing shop for Samsung. . All of its online operations will continue as normal. Orders will be fulfilled and the service network will continue to function, as best it can.

Samsung is temporarily closing its US and Canada shops as a COVID-19 measure

The situation simply demands harsh measures, which is why Samsung, like many others, is also doing its best to shift as many of its employees to home-office work mode.

The situation is simply too dynamic to expect anything more concrete in terms of plans for the future. Stay safe and follow the guidelines of your local health officials. And if a closer look at Samsung’s current flagships is what you are after, we can direct your attention to our extensive reviews of the S20 Ultra and the S20.


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