March 4, 2024


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Samsung N220 review: Samsung N220

Ah, netbooks. In just a few short years, these popular and portable mini laptops have firmly established themselves in the modern computing hierarchy, and yet we still haven’t found one with the perfect blend of battery life, a comfortable trackpad and a display that makes us cry tears of joy. Next up in our netbook auditions is the Samsung N220, available now for around £300.

Love and gloss

The N220 makes a good first impression, thanks to its highly attractive glossy red lid, which is embossed with a Samsung logo, and finished with a tasteful chrome stripe around the edge. We reckon extracting this little beauty from your satchel will turn a few heads in the coffee shop. The machine’s build quality is also excellent — the whole package feels solid.

On the inside, everything looks very… matte. There’s a matte black plastic frame surrounding a matte black trackpad and keyboard, and a 10.1-inch matte display to top it all off.

The display sports a maximum resolution of 1,024×600 pixels, which isn’t as high as that of some similar devices. That means Web pages will render larger than they would on other displays, which in turn means you’ll have to do plenty of scrolling to see the entire page. On the bright side, the matte coating on the screen really does keep reflections at bay, allowing you to keep your eyes on the action without the pesky sun spoiling your nerdy fun when you’re outside.

The N220 rocks an isolated keyboard. The keys themselves are on the petite side, but the wide gaps between each button mean you’re unlikely to hit the wrong one too frequently. We found typing at speed to be a perfectly pleasant experience.

The inside has a matte finish all over, including the reflection-resistant screen

The trackpad is the real pièce de résistance. After handling a slew of netbooks with tiny, unresponsive, cramp-inducing trackpads, the N220’s offering seemed a vision of loveliness. We appreciated the broad dimensions and sensitive surface of the trackpad, as well as its super-comfortable click buttons. It’s a long time since we’ve used a trackpad this pleasant on a netbook.

The N220’s port selection includes an Ethernet jack, three USB ports, 3.5mm sockets for headphones and a microphone, a VGA output and a multi-format memory-card slot.

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