July 23, 2024


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Smart Guide to Choosing the Right Men’s Leather Bracelet

Smart Guide to Choosing the Right Men’s Leather Bracelet

Every guy with a sense of style knows that nothing completes an awesome look quite like the right accessories. A pair of luxury cuff links, James Bond sunglasses, comfortable and sleek shoes: all of these things can bring your daily style together.

Whether sleek and modern or rugged and masculine, what distinguishes the successful man from his contemporaries is a willingness to be fashion-forward in his style choices.

An incredibly versatile option that you may not have thought of, though, is a handmade leather bracelet.

Accessories are hot for men at the moment. Think of television shows like Boardwalk Empire or Mad Men, where the main male characters dress to the nines and with all the right details in place, from an awesome watch to a great hat. It’s these kinds of details that create an effortless style and makes a man look successful and like a maverick all at the same time. Leather bracelets are a great way to channel both John Wayne’s version of cool alongside Justin Timberlake’s, Tom Brady’s, or Russell Brand’s.

We’ve got some smart tips to help you decide on the men’s bracelet that’s right for you, your personal style, and your needs.

Men’s leather bracelets come in a range of materials, styles, and colors. The best place to start might be by asking yourself what kind of style defines you, your personality, and your look.

For instance, if you’re a jeans-and-a-tee-shirt sort of guy, you might want to choose an all-leather bracelet. A men’s bracelet that’s knotted and woven leather, with perhaps a hint of silver, goes great with dark distressed jeans and an awesome pair of shoes. A braided leather bracelet is a style-defining must have for guys who like to chill out.

Sterling silver leather bracelets look professional and impressive both out on the town and in the board room. If you spend most of your days meeting with clients, balancing the books, and most of your nights wining and dining clients before heading out to a club or bar, then sleek sterling silver and leather bracelets in black or brown are the way to go.

And if the great outdoors are constantly on your mind, there is an excellent range of products that give off a definite surfer, biker, eco-friendly-guy vibe. Rubber bracelets with tribal designs and braids look unruffled and cool on the beach and while cycling down the road.