May 20, 2024


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The Benefits of Using Real-Time GPS Telematics Solutions

If you are interested in building a custom telematics solution, check out CompassCom’s Developer’s Kit. Designed for power users and 3rd party developers using ArcGIS, this kit provides off-the-shelf components like the CompassLDE server with API, CompassTrac Viewer, and analytics. The Developer’s Kit also provides a CompassReports analytics tool for additional customization.


Fleets of all sizes can benefit from CompassCom’s real-time GPS telematics solutions. Their intelligent dashcams focus on the road and automatically detect and record driving events. The recorded events are sent to the office team and describe the incident, which is invaluable in the event of a collision. CompassCom also integrates video technology to empower fleets and protect the safety of drivers. Intelligent dashcams capture and record potentially unsafe driving behaviors, which can be used as training materials or performance analysis.

With CompassCom’s real-time telematics solutions, fleets can deploy the solution quickly without the costly and lengthy development cycle of custom applications. Customers can choose between on-premise or cloud deployment. These solutions support various fleet management workflows and are compatible with broadband cellular and Motorola land mobile radio systems. They also provide IT security and a range of other features.

Empower mobile workers with complete situational awareness and full visibility of their operations

CompassCom delivers real-time GPS telematics solutions that empower mobile workers with complete situational awareness and full visibility of their operations. Their solutions integrate advanced GPS tracking technology with wireless technology and Esri ArcGIS to improve accountability, safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Users gain full situational awareness of their vehicles. They can instantly share their data with other users and departments to prevent mishaps.

CompassCom fleet tracking software and hardware is a powerful combination that tracks various fleet information, such as fuel usage, driver safety, and vehicle health. GPS fleet management systems are widely used by businesses to optimize overall fleet performance and ensure the safety of drivers. GPS fleet tracking data can help fleet managers make informed decisions and improve processes. The system is a great fit for all types of fleets, from construction to heavy equipment companies.

Live location-tracking links

The real-time GPS telematics solutions provide various features, such as live location-tracking links that display the location of a customer’s vehicle. These links are set to expire after a certain time, which is a valuable feature that few competitors can match. Another feature that Force by Mojio’s telematics solutions offers is automatic alerts that help keep drivers accountable for their actions.

Help you monitor driving behaviors and enforce company policies.

The CompassCom real-time GPS telematics solution offers many benefits, such as reducing insurance costs and lawsuits. Its features help you monitor driving behaviors and enforce company policies. One of its features is the reminder that tells drivers to drive carefully in reverse. If an accident occurs, it transmits important data to accident investigators. A few other benefits of Geotab are also worth noting.

Helps you track vehicle fuel efficiency

The Geotab system helps you track vehicle fuel efficiency and other vitals. It monitors vehicle idle time, speed, odometer, and emission levels. It also optimizes trip routing to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and mileage. Geotab will dispatch the nearest provider and display the estimated arrival time if a vehicle needs repair. The GPS is flexible enough to handle unlimited vehicles and users.