April 25, 2024


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Weekly poll: Are you buying an Apple iPhone SE (2020)?

The Apple iPhone SE (2020) is now on sale in more than 40 countries and we’d like to know if you plan or getting one (or perhaps you already did).

You could knock Apple for refurbishing a phone from 2017, with a design from 2014, but the iPhone SE (2020) is the cheapest iPhone around and that means it will likely do well in the market.

Weekly poll: Would you buy an Apple iPhone SE (2020)?

You could look at the iPhone SE (2020) in a number of ways. It’s the most powerful small phone you could buy. And it’s the cheapest phone with flagship chipset you can buy in most countries.

At the starting price of $399 in the US, €479 in Europe and INR 42,500 in India the iPhone SE 2020 is properly cheap for an iPhone. Up until now the cheapest Apple smartphone with the current A13 Bionic SoC was the iPhone 11, which is $699/€799/INR 64,900.

Weekly poll: Would you buy an Apple iPhone SE (2020)?

Another way to look at it is as a phone with 2017 bezels, a boxy 16:9 screen, physical home button, no under display fingerprint, no Face ID, no telephoto or ultrawide camera, no Night Mode and no 3.5mm headphone jack.

A single look at our specs page will tell you the tiny new iPhone is among the hottest phones in our database right now. But how many of those are convinced buyers and how many are still sitting on the fence?

Weekly poll: Would you buy an Apple iPhone SE (2020)?

Let’s have it – are you buying an iPhone SE (2020)?

Would you buy an iPhone SE (2020)?

And here’s a little bonus round for those that would buy the iPhone SE (2020) – which storage are you buying? The jump from the base 64GB to 128GB is just $50/€50, which would tempt many buyers. We’re not so sure about the jump to 256GB – at $100/€120 more is not too bad for 128GB more storage, but it moves the iPhone SE (2020) to a price point where it will be seriously outclassed by the competition.

What storage are you getting?

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