July 17, 2024


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What Are the Skills Needed by a Computer Forensics Accountant?

What Are the Skills Needed by a Computer Forensics Accountant?

Computer has played an important role in almost every aspect of our lives. We use computer for sending and receiving email, surfing the Internet and transferring data online almost everyday. As a result of this widespread use, computers have been misused by the users in illegal activity. The field of computer forensics has emerged as the best solution to investigate the types of crimes that are committed with computers. The job of a computer forensic accountant is to identify, preserve, extract, maintain and documenting all the related date involved in online criminal activity. In order to perform the tasks successfully, ones have to equip themselves with necessary knowledge and practical skills.

In terms of knowledge, a digital forensics accountant needs to have full knowledge in the areas as follow:
o operating systems
o cryptology
o reverse software engineering
o networking, routing, communication protocols and security
o file formats
o programming languages
o software drivers

Besides, there are three essential skills a computer forensics accountant MUST possess, i.e. technical skill, analytical skill and investigating skill. It is compulsory for them to have these techniques in order to find out the IT fraud in a short period. They must be technically competent where it is compulsory for them to make use of computer forensics tools, such as password crackers, forensic tool kit software, email converters, etc. With these skills, they are able to collect and preserve evidence in a professional manner.

Most of the employers in the job market hire those computer forensics accountants who are well equipped with the practical knowledge and skills stated above. In order to be “marketable”, you should get yourself prepared with these.