May 22, 2024


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You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel

There are many ways to use internet marketing to enhance your search engine optimization Houston and build your brand. As with all marketing strategies, some are more effective than others. The trick to saving valuable resources such as time and money is to learn from the successful brands to find which techniques are the most effective and produce results the fastest.

There is no need to fumble around in the dark in order to find a successful strategy for your brand. With all of the information on the web literally at your fingertips you can map out your strategy using the already successful strategies of other brands as your outline. Reading articles, blogs and other information-rich media from those brands will help you to understand what you can do to become successful in your branding experience.

Ben and Jerry’s is a very successful business page on Facebook, Inc. It takes advantage of the social media available on Facebook to create its own community. Ben and Jerry’s has a very unique and quality product but that’s not the only thing that sets them apart. Their marketing strategy takes advantage of all the right media. They post pictures of successful events, news of upcoming products, April Fool’s jokes and provide an inviting environment for their fans to comment and become involved in their community.

Starbucks is another successful business page that gives readers links to important industry-related information, business strategy information, videos, pictures and most importantly a personal connection to the CEO, Howard Schultz. This gives the readers and stockholders easier access to the information that they really want while also giving the coffee giant a personal touch. One of their big-brand approaches to connect with local communities giving information in the form of articles, event photos and videos of community outreach and environmental awareness events. Starbucks, among other big corporations, has learned that it is important to get personal with customers.

iTunes utilizes the exclusive offer technique to entice its visitors to become dedicated followers. It also features artists and provides access to exciting industry news to connect with its customers. The availability and easy access of quality content are two very important aspects in enticing their customers to become more involved in the company.

Corporate giants are a good resource to model your marketing strategy after but keep in mind that they are probably more well established than what you are trying to brand and, therefore, may have more resources for their marketing strategy. Aside from learning from the big brands you can also take a look at your successful competition or just another brand’s marketing strategy that you find admirable. Study their strategies and take what you like from each. Be careful to not copy another brand’s entire strategy. There will be certain aspects of each brand’s strategy that will work well for your brand and others that don’t fit quite as well.

There are a few important things to have learned about how big brands build themselves. These are: creating quality content, connecting with customers on a personal level, exclusive offers and providing exclusive information. Remember that rather than thinking of a successful brand’s marketing strategy as a one-size-fits-all strategy, customize your options to fit your brand. Even the most successful brands’ strategies differ greatly according to product they are selling and demographic they are appealing to.